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Freddie and Co. Gets a Holiday Makeover

Giving the store a festive new look!

Hero image for Issue #27: Holiday Makeover

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time when stores share discount codes and fill your inboxes with sweet deals and good cheer. This being Freddie and Co.’s first holiday season as a store, we decided to try out some new marketing ideas. We made a few subtle changes, but they’ve made a big difference:

* New, exclusive, holiday items
* Virtually decked the halls
* More “bundles” and special offers
* Our first sale!

We’ve got new products in the store. For the holidays, we partnered with 2 lifestyle brands: Poketo and BAGGU. New products are exciting and one of the best ways to bring people in. Once they’re in, you can show off everything else you have to offer.

You know when you go to the mall in November and it’s transformed into a winter wonderland? The shopping experience feels totally different and new. One quick, simple thing we did to simulate this effect was to change up our color scheme and add festive language to the Freddie and Co. site.

Like I mentioned in last week’s email, creating bundles and providing new ways to purchase old items can be a great motivator for a customer’s purchase. We added more bundles and rearranged the store’s web design so every product is visible on a single page. Before, it was organized by collection, but we decided we wanted to make the user experience a little simpler so our customers can easily shop for holiday gifts.

A Freddie and Co. first! We’ve been cautious about discounts because we don’t want to minimize the amount of money that goes to our nonprofit partners. But we decided that if more people buy because of a sale, the nonprofits are getting more than they would have otherwise. So we went for it. All of this just launched today, so I can’t say for sure what worked and what didn’t, but I wanted to give a heads up about what we’ve got going on. I’ll report back with results later.

I’m planning to give a more thorough introduction to our new stuff next week, but in the meantime, go check it out!

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