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Introducing Our Holiday Collections

New BAGGU and Poketo items for Freddie and Co.

Meg holding up two tacos asking "Why not both?"

In case you didn’t know, we have new items in our store! We have a very long list of Mailchimp users whose products we love, and when we were trying to decide who to partner with for the holidays, we couldn’t choose between Poketo and BAGGU.

So we thought…why not both?

Poketo identifies as “a lifestyle brand and purveyor of design-driven wares meant to instill art into everyday living.” Melissa is the one who introduced me to the brand, and I immediately scrolled through their website exclaiming over the many items that I loved and recognized and swooning over originals that I’d never seen before. I’m a sucker for stationery and desk accessories, so this store is perfectly dreamy to me. And who isn’t shopping for planners and new calendars around this time of year?!

BAGGU, on the other hand, calls themselves “a design driven manufacturer of quality bags and accessories, known for our clean designs, pop colors, and cheeky prints.” They have a way of making simplicity striking, and I’ve already spent more than I’d care to admit on their products. Bags are great gifts for the holidays, because who doesn’t carry stuff on a regular basis, amirite? In fact, my first BAGGU bag was a Christmas gift from my mom!

Since we went with two brands for our holiday collection, we wanted them to have a consistent design and work together as a package. David Sizemore took the challenge and created a beautiful collection using paper collage as inspiration.

We’ve talked about brand consistency before, and it was important to us to partner with makers who have a certain “feel” to them. Because of the nature of our store, we knew we’d be carrying many different types of products, so we wanted to find some way to maintain a Freddie and Co. aesthetic throughout. Poketo and BAGGU have both fit into our vision beautifully, and I’m so pleased to include them in the Freddie and Co. ranks. And we’ve made it possible to get all the items from this collection together for 20% off the value of each individual piece!

And I can’t wait to talk more to the people behind the scenes at Poketo and BAGGU and learn more about their e-commerce experiences! I’ll be putting some interview issues on the What’s in Store schedule where I can share everything I learn with you.

See you then!

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