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Launch Day Arrives for Freddie & Co.

It's here it's here it's here!

Socks aligning in order

Launch day has arrived! But before I direct you to our now-open store (!!!!!), I thought I’d share a few things we did to prep for launch.

In an effort to protect this project — and, um, myself — from utter humiliation, I didn’t share an official launch date. I was worried that not having a date to look forward to might make potential customers lose interest, but I was more worried about setting one and then missing it!

We also “soft launched” the store a day early so we could watch people coming and going on the site (and hopefully ordering and buying!) to see if anything broke or screwed up before we made it completely public. I thought that idea was genius when Melissa suggested it, and it gave us a little peace of mind. We also planned out our social media strategy ahead of time. Brooke and our summer marketing intern, America, both jumped in to figure out the best way to tease — and then unveil — the opening. We did a lot of order testing to make sure everything was working, too. I’ve already bought and refunded myself for every item in the shop at least twice. Fingers crossed it works as well for all of you!

Oh, and we got all of our tracking and marketing analytics set up so I can obsessively keep my eyes glued to the stats all day!

Of course the prep phase feels endless, but I’ll stop rambling and get to some of the other stuff later. I’m just too excited and I want to link you already:

Freddie and Co. has its own email list (not to mention Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well), so be sure to sign up there to receive special offers and hear about new products. And FYI: the socks are LIMITED. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. And then there’s the next collection. I can’t wait to tell you about it!

Socks appearing all over the place

What’s in Store will continue to send weekly behind the scenes stories about building and running Freddie and Co. I want to tell you all about my experiences with fulfillment, packaging, business licenses, bank accounts, oh my. OK, now go buy some socks! But wait, not too many!! If we sell out too fast I’ll probably freak out!!!

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