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  • Business Inspiration

    Cortney Gusick

    After losing her father, Cortney Gusick left Silicon Valley and is now transforming the deathcare space from a toxic industry into something more environmentally friendly, through Pāhiki eco-caskets.

  • Business Inspiration

    Efrem Fesaha

    For 6 years, Efrem Fesaha hid his Eritrean identity to fit into a stifling corporate industry. After a trip to his homeland , an idea to build a coffee shop rooted in Eritrean tradition began to percolate.

  • Business Inspiration

    Gretchen Bayless

    After 25 years of countless doctors, Gretchen Bayless was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Once diagnosed, she decided to regain her sense of independence and start Roamerica, a campervan rental company in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Business Inspiration

    Tara Chapman

    After years of traveling the world as a CIA operative, Tara Chapman gave it up to be closer to her mom in Texas. Upon returning home, she tried her hand at beekeeping, which eventually turned into Two Hives Honey.

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