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Promotional SMS: Tap Into the Pulse of Modern Marketing

Discover how promotional SMS can help you achieve remarkable marketing results through timely text messages.

In the ebb and flow of daily life, a rhythm stands out: People swiftly sending and receiving text messages. This form of digital communication has become the top choice for staying in touch. It’s prized for its speed, convenience, and ability to minimize phone calls.

However, text messaging isn’t just for catching up with friends and family anymore. It’s now a simple and powerful way for businesses to communicate, market, and grow. With promotional SMS, your company can send updates and offers straight to your audience for improved marketing results.

So, if you’d like to boost your business success, it’s time to change how you talk to your audience by introducing SMS marketing messages. Here’s how to make every character count in your SMS marketing campaigns.  

The ABCs of promotional SMS marketing

Promotional SMS marketing is a direct way to talk to your customers through text messages. You can text them about new products, upcoming sales and events, or company news. Anything your customers might find valuable and engaging is fair game. Just make sure to avoid sending random ads and spam, or your messages could get blocked.  

Ideally, SMS marketing messages do more than share news and special offers. These texts should entice customers to click the links, view the content, and complete the desired action. For example, when you send deals via text, the perfect customer journey involves visiting the landing page, thinking about product choices, and purchasing.

Promotional SMS vs. transactional SMS messages

Businesses can send customers 2 main text types: promotional and transactional SMS messages. As mentioned previously, promotional SMS delivers marketing messages, like notices about exclusive offers and events. It’s how you regularly inform your customers about the latest deals and happenings.

In contrast, transactional SMS messages provide key info triggered by customer actions. This info includes order confirmations, appointment reminders, and account notifications. Transactional messages must arrive promptly to streamline interactions and provide the best customer experience.

Simply put, promotional SMS is about marketing, while transactional SMS messages confirm important details. Both transactional and promotional SMS have their place in the customer journey, serving different yet vital roles.

Why use promotional SMS messages

Promotional SMS has the potential to change how you advertise your brand. Each text puts your marketing materials into your customers’ hands to create an instant connection with your company. This ensures your ads and other messages aren’t lost in the clutter, resulting in the following benefits.  

Increased website traffic and sales

When you send a promotional SMS to tell people about your offers, it’s like giving them a little nudge to visit your website. And because people check their messages all the time, they’re more likely to see your text before they check their email. If your SMS has a short and clear message with a link to your site, there’s a good chance they’ll click it and maybe even buy something.  

Boost customer engagement and loyalty

Sending promotional SMS messages can make your customers feel valued and supported. Birthday discounts, product upgrade deals, and exclusive invites add a personal touch that makes customers feel closer to your brand. And if they feel like you care about them, they’re more likely to stick around and tell their friends about your company.  

Increase reach while reducing marketing costs

If you’ve ever tried advertising on TV, radio, or in newspapers, you know it can be expensive. In fact, a 30-second TV commercial costs up to $50,000 to produce and averages twice that much to air on national TV. But promotional SMS marketing is different. It doesn’t cost nearly as much as traditional advertising channels but has a similar reach. A simple message gets to the point, so you don’t even need long visual stories to drive engagement. Just choose who gets your messages and offer value in each text to make your money count.  

Promotional text message examples

How you write promotional text messages affects whether it connects with your target audience. Your success largely depends on your word choices, tone, and overall message structure. To get it right, check out the following promotional SMS examples to see what works.

  • Discount: Exclusive deal alert! Get 30% off all fashion items this weekend. Tap the link to explore our offer. Use promo code 12345 for a special gift.
  • ·Limited-time offer: Today only! Grab your favorite products at 50% off. Shop now at our website to start saving. Don’t wait—these deals won’t last!
  • Event invitation: Join us for our grand opening! Free drinks, live music, and flash sale discounts await. RSVP now!
  • Product spotlight: Introducing our newest product! Discover the latest tech to hit our industry and be the first on your block to own it. Shop now at our link. 
  • Referral program: Love our products? Share the love and earn rewards! Refer a friend and you both get 15% off your next purchase.

Each example above shows how to use promotional SMS to advertise your business. The messages use simple, friendly language; an upbeat yet urgent tone; and a concise format. Each one also has a compelling call to action designed to drive user reaction. This piques curiosity, creates a sense of urgency, and inspires customers to explore your offers further.

Best practices for outreach with promotional text messages  

Getting your message right is only the start. To truly shine with SMS marketing, you need to know the best ways to reach out and connect with your audience. It’s essential that you understand how to send texts that respect audience preferences, use good timing, and make the most of today’s technology. Here’s what you need to know.

Ensure opt-in compliance when sending promotional messages  

Before sending any promotional messages, remember one golden rule: Always get permission to text first. Sending unwanted messages is not just irritating for the receiver, but it can also land your business in legal trouble.

Some laws, like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, say you must get the recipient’s express consent. This means having them opt in to your promotional SMS campaigns.

You can do that by:

  • Setting up online signup forms on your website or social media pages
  • Using your mobile app to ask people to opt in to receive promotional messages  
  • Promoting a keyword, like subscribe or join, that people can text to a specific short code
  • Asking for verbal consent over the phone during a sales or customer service call
  • Including the option to receive offers via text message on your e-commerce checkout page

You also need to give customers a straightforward way to opt out of your text messages, like texting stop to unsubscribe. 

Segment your target audience for personalized SMS marketing

Most shoppers prefer personalized marketing experiences. They want to receive offers based on their likes and dislikes, location, purchase history, and other factors. This makes them feel understood by your brand, leading to higher engagement rates. And it’s not hard to do.

You just have to divide your audience into groups based on what they’re likely to find most important. Then, you can send messages that they’ll care about. For example, you might send texts with promotions based on their past product buys or where they like to shop.

Think of it as going beyond “Hello, customer!” to a more intimate “Hey, friend! We thought you’d love this.” By doing this, you show your customers that they’re not just another number on your list but someone you want to serve better.

Use multimedia content for a dynamic SMS marketing experience

While words can be powerful, sometimes a picture or short clip can add that extra spark. People get more SMS messages than ever nowadays, so it’s wise to incorporate visuals that make your messages stand out, such as:

  • A photo of a new product being used by a happy customer
  • A quick GIF of your newest product features in action
  • An infographic that breaks down your offer’s benefits
  • A short video of a fun event or sale happening at your store

Visuals often get a quicker response than just text. They can quickly capture attention, feel more engaging, and are easier to process at a glance.

Plus, multimedia content can help convey emotions or showcase products in ways that words alone can’t. It’s like the difference between telling someone about a delicious meal and showing them a mouthwatering picture of it.

Just make sure that your visual content is relevant, high quality, and optimized for mobile viewing to provide a truly enjoyable SMS experience. This will increase the chances of your customers remembering and acting upon your text messages.

Optimize promotional message send times for maximum engagement

When it comes to success with promotional SMS, timing is everything. You’d be hard pressed to find someone delighted to get a midnight message about a sale. Even if they’re unbothered by the disruption, they’re not likely to view and engage with the content at that time.

Instead, aim to send your promotional SMS messages at times when your audience is alert and ready to think about deals. For some people, that’ll be on their lunch breaks at work, while others may respond better on weekends. The ideal time may vary based on your audience’s demographics and habits.

Use SMS marketing analytics to inform future promotional campaigns   

Once your SMS campaign is over, don’t just move on. Dive into the data to get a wealth of knowledge about your marketing performance. The data may show things like:

  • What times of the day did messages get the highest open rates?
  • How many people opened your message?
  • Which links did your customers click?
  • Did certain words or phrases boost interest?
  • How did the campaign impact website traffic or sales?

Paying attention to these metrics enables you to refine your strategy for the next campaign. For example, if most customers opened messages and clicked links in the morning, you might consider timing your future SMS blasts around then. Or, if a particular offer seemed to grab more attention, think about taking a similar approach in the future.

Sync SMS marketing efforts with your other advertising channels 

Even if you’re going all in with SMS marketing, you’re probably advertising in other places, like social media or email. If so, keep in mind that your promotional efforts should align across all channels.

To do that, keep your brand voice and message consistent everywhere. Also, ensure that any special offers you’re advertising are the same. This provides customers with consistent information from your brand and amplifies your message.

Another good tip is to use each platform’s strengths to your advantage. For instance, SMS works great for brief ads, while email campaigns are better suited for longer content, like newsletters. Social media, on the other hand, can be ideal for building direct customer relationships.   

Evolve your marketing approach with promotional SMS 

Promotional SMS is a simple and direct way to share your deals, news, and more with your customers. There’s no fluff, either. You can just get straight to the point and deliver valuable content straight to each mobile phone. This approach is modern, efficient, and gets excellent results, so why wait? Create your promotional SMS campaign today to boost audience engagement and watch your brand grow.

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