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What is Telegram? How This App Can Make Your Team More Productive

In a world where end to end encryption is necessary for many companies, it's time to look into different messaging apps to help you communicate with your team securely.

Learn all about Telegram, how it works, and how it can be used to enhance the productivity of your entire staff.

While there are many other messaging apps in the market, this article will outline the benefits of using Telegram as a secure messaging app for voice and video calls, group chats, or secret chats, or client to client encryption when necessary. Learn how Telegram can help your business and why you should consider implementing a messaging app with end to end encryption.

What is Telegram?

No matter what industry your business is in or how long it has existed, it is important to build customer relationships. Telegram is instrumental in this process. How? Where does Telegram come from?

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app that works across several platforms accessed by people throughout the world. It is also known for its end to end encryption chats as well as video phone calls. One of the platforms that include Telegram is Mailchimp. This company makes Telegram available to its users on a regular basis.

Telegram now has more than 700 million monthly active users. Despite the fact Telegram has never advertised its app.

Telegram chats allow users to access services from a multitude of devices quickly and efficiently. Experts say this application delivers messages to users quicker than any other instant messaging app on the market today.

In a nutshell, the Telegram messaging app is utilized as an integral part of a company's marketing strategy. Telegram's messaging app capabilities make it much easier for marketing personnel to communicate and do their jobs. Once they see how helpful Telegram is, they wonder how they ever got along without it.

How is Telegram different from WhatsApp?

There are a few other popular messaging apps out there, including WhatsApp. Boasting similar capabilities for voice and video calls with end to end encryption, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps along with Telegram. Why and how? This information is handy to know in the event you want to start a business and build your customer base immediately. Keep reading!

One of the biggest differences between other messaging apps and Telegram is that Telegram can be used even if you have forgotten the other party's phone number. With WhatsApp or other messaging apps, you must know their phone number. With WhatsApp, no secret chats are permitted without the other person's phone number. This is huge!

Another significant difference is that Telegram users can save their entire message history, images, files, or documents to the cloud. This is important because then Telegram users can revisit any of these items in the future should the need arise. WhatsApp or other messaging apps do not offer these features. These are all vital components of successful community building.

Who is Telegram for?

You might now be asking exactly who can use Telegram. We shall tell you right now. Basically, anybody can use it.

In January 2021, it was ranked #1 downloaded app in the World with 63 million installs.

Telegram is extremely versatile, there are versions available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can be accessed from multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets, not to mention all forms of computers.

Telegram users can also set up group chats to communicate with more than one person at once. This is most helpful for business situations or occasions that arise. An example would be if handling team conflict amongst your office staff members becomes necessary. The involved parties can be in separate locations while you mediate negotiations between them. It is far less awkward this way. Telegram makes it possible.

Telegram also makes it easier for companies to conduct client business. we would be remiss if we failed to talk about how you can use Telegram with your clientele.

Everything from collaborating on vital projects to hosting webinars and conducting sales meetings with their senior executives can be accomplished using Telegram chats. There are virtually no limits on the business activities that involve the use of Telegram.

How can Telegram make your team more efficient?

We just described how Telegram can be used to resolve conflicts with your staff members. But did you know there are numerous additional ways it can help your employees become more efficient? Read on to find out how.

  • When everyone on the team has a flexible work week, should an emergency arise, you can use Telegram to hold a company meeting from wherever they are to address the emergency.
  • When your team is terrific at generating ideas, these ideas can be communicated to executives or other staff members via Telegram.
  • Telegram can be utilized by up to 200 members at one time. This makes it plausible to conduct user research among your customers.
  • Manage messages and related information easily with the aid of Telegram's folders feature. This is particularly helpful when you want to access a message later on.
  • Manage your notifications anytime by any means necessary. Your team can use this feature to turn off notifications when interruptions are unwanted. On the flip side, when you are expecting an important text message, you can make sure notifications are turned on.
  • Staff members can communicate with each other, either separately or as a group. There are scores of reasons why this feature can help team efficiency.

How does Telegram work?

Mailchimp has perfected the process of using Telegram by integrating its system with it. They are experts at the different uses of Telegram and know how to fully optimize its various tasks. Make note of the following examples:

Contacting new clients

Mailchimp has set up Telegram to automatically perform SMS texting services whenever a new client has been obtained.

As a small business resource center

As part of an overall startup marketing strategy, Mailchimp enables its clients to communicate with prospective and existing clients over the course of their existence. This eliminates the need for a huge staff at this early stage of the business.

Demonstrating how safe Telegram is to use

In doing this, Mailchimp proves to its clients that Telegram is safe to use. Because of this, more businesses feel comfortable adding Telegram to their approved application services.

Keeping customers informed of the value of Telegram

The precise cost of using Telegram differs with the services a client wants. However, Mailchimp is quick to point out the value of what Telegram can do. Therefore, it is totally worth the cost.

By showing its customers how to keep track of client orders

Every phase of the order process can be monitored and addressed via Telegram. Mailchimp offers this technology to its clients. In some cases, Mailchimp performs this as a service. With other clients, Mailchimp instructs them on how to manipulate their system.

Demonstrating to their clients how to integrate Mailchimp and Telegram with more than 900 other apps makes the marketing strategies and other client service possibilities endless. Everyone wins with this technology!

Easily operate a chat system with one or more other participants

This can be useful for in-house staff meetings or client meetings with up to 200 people included. Learning how to do this is simple and quite helpful for any business.

Providing disconnection services

Let's say you have lost a client and want to learn how to disconnect from them. Mailchimp shows you how to do this with Telegram. Problem solved!

Are There Alternatives to Telegram?

 most popular messaging apps by country

In actuality, yes, there are. However, industry experts strongly suggest they are not as good as Telegram. In addition to the previously-mentioned WhatsApp, there is Slack, Discord, and, of course, Facebook Messenger. Those are all names familiar to most people. Each of these has its strengths and weaknesses.

Then there is the second tier of Telegram alternatives. These messaging apps are likely not to be well-known to the public. Therefore, caution must be used when downloading them. They include applications such as Signal, Mattermost, Wickr Me, and Clap Messenger.

A person considering going with any of the above-mentioned alternatives is urged to find out more about them first. They are also invited to find out more about Telegram. They can begin with the messaging app's website as well as the Mailchimp website. A lot of information is available to curious individuals.

Final thoughts on Telegram messenger LLP

We have been mentioning the company Mailchimp throughout this content. They are a marvelous partner to have in the marketing arena. Whether you want a partner in marketing activities or someone to do it all for you, Mailchimp is whom you should contact.

This company also has a wealth of expertise when it comes to Telegram. Your representative will be happy to explain all of the things Telegram can do for you. If need be, Mailchimp will handle all related tasks for you. That is your decision to make.

Mailchimp as a company has the opinion that marketing does not have to be difficult or unpleasant. They will demonstrate how to use Telegram either as a standalone app or in conjunction with other applications. Together with Mailchimp on your side, your marketing efforts will be handsomely rewarded, and your business will thrive. Isn't that exactly what you want? Of course, it is!

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