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Are You a Fainting Goat, a Juggler, or a Cannonballer?

Whatever your business personality, we have a marketing partner who can help with everything from setup to send.

We know every small business is different. It’s not just your branding, products, and newsletter that make you unique—it’s your work personality, too. We’ve developed 5 highly unscientific personas to help you better understand your business personality and identify new ways to grow. If you need a hand, our Mailchimp partners are here to help. This community of trusted freelancers and agencies can get your projects—big and small—over the finish line.

Take a gander and see which of these 5 business personalities is the most you, and then get started growing your business.

The Fainting Goat

Key characteristics: If you’ve never seen a fainting goat, prepare to be astonished. When startled, its muscles stiffen up and it falls right over. Then, moments later, it gets up and trots along like nothing ever happened. If the scope of a daunting project makes you freeze up, maybe you’re a Fainting Goat.

How a partner can help: New to Mailchimp and unsure where to start? If you’re feeling a bit frozen in place, hire a partner to help with orientation. In a snap, they’ll set up your account by importing your contacts, building an audience list, and creating customized signup forms and landing pages. With a partner’s guidance, any seemingly mountain-sized tasks will start looking like molehills you can easily conquer. Goats, after all, are some of the world’s most nimble climbers.

The Juggler

Key characteristics: You’re an adept multitasker who’s always doing 9 things at once. But keeping all those balls in the air is harder than it looks. The best Jugglers know their limits and when to call in a helping hand.

How a partner can help: If your to-do list is growing unwieldy, it’s time to delegate. No matter which marketing tasks you want to offload, we have partners who can help. Copywriters who can whip up engaging newsletters? We’ve got those. Social media managers who can streamline your posting schedule to maximize likes? Yup. Graphic designers who code stunning custom email templates? We’ve got those, too. With a helping hand (or two) from one of our partners, you can trust nothing gets dropped.

The Toe Dipper

Key characteristics: Do you like to wade in and take your time? Toe Dippers don’t jump right into the deep end. You like to weigh all the options first. You’re most comfortable taking small, commitment-free steps to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward.

How a partner can help: This personality type can benefit from an audit. Don’t worry, there are no taxes involved. An audit is a Mailchimp checkup to assess your email marketing health. Our partners can quickly tell you how to optimize your Mailchimp account to yield the best possible results. After an audit, you’ll have a triaged list of action items to confidently tackle. If you feel out of your depth with any of the items on your to-do list, rest easy knowing a partner can throw you a line and take over when needed.

The Cannonballer

Key Characteristics: You’re the opposite of the Toe Dipper—ready to jump in even if you don’t necessarily know how to swim. Your gung-ho nature means you move fast and you’re often learning on the job.

How a partner can help: Taking action is often half the battle, so congratulations on jumping right in. Some Cannonballers find that the best way to work with a partner is to first get familiar with Mailchimp’s platform. Then, once you’ve maxed out your tech savvy, it’s time to enlist an email marketing expert. In no time flat, our partner-run training programs and tutorials will have you creating campaigns and segmenting lists like a pro.

The Eagle Eye

Key characteristics: You’ve built up a coherent marketing strategy for your business, learning some important tips and tricks along the way. A confident decision-maker, you’re not afraid to evolve—you keep an (ahem) eagle eye on what makes your business work. Confident in what you’ve built so far, you want to zero in on actionable ways to continue to improve and grow your business.

How a partner can help: It might seem counterintuitive, but a deep dive into your data will have your business soaring higher and higher. Using our CRM tool and Track with Mailchimp feature, a partner can quickly analyze your data and provide a clear, 360-degree view of your audience, engagement, and website performance.

No matter what your business personality is, you can rest easy when you choose from our community of trusted freelancers and agencies. With more than 1,000 Mailchimp partners standing by, we have the right person—with the right skill set—to help every personality type.

Whether you’re a Fainting Goat or a Juggler, there’s a Mailchimp partner who can help you make the most of our all-in-one Marketing Platform.

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