You came up with a good business idea. Now what?

Find out if it’s a great idea. That’s what. With Mailchimp, you have all the tools you need to find your product‑market fit.

Get feedback from early testers

Use landing pages to tease an upcoming launch, capture feedback, and try different messages so you can figure out what gets people excited about your business. Plus, when you add a signup form and start building your audience, you’ll be ready to start marketing when you launch.

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Start the conversation on social media

The more you put yourself out there through social ads or organic posts, the easier it is for you and your customers to get to know each other. You can drive potential customers to your landing page when you share it across multiple social channels.

Learn what potential customers really want with email

Our A/B testing tools help you understand what will matter the most to your early adopters before announcing your product to a broader market. Try out different email subject lines, images, layouts, and send times to fine-tune your marketing strategy ahead of your big launch.

Why Small Businesses Should Start Marketing on Day One

Just starting out? You’re not alone. We asked more than 500 entrepreneurs all about launching their businesses. Here’s what you need to know.

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