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How to Build Client Relationships

5 keys to cultivating loyal‑for‑life customers

Any business depends on new business. But some freelancers and agencies spend too much time chasing leads. Wooing new business and onboarding customers doesn’t always contribute to your bottom line. That being said, you can’t build long-term relationships if clients don’t want to hire you again. So, winning your clients’ loyalty from the get-go is imperative.

Make a stellar first impression—and exceed expectations—by keeping the following in mind:

1. Communicate

Be clear, consistent, and organized with your clients. Outline the project’s scope clearly, provide updates on progress, and schedule check-ins. Most importantly: Never be opaque when it comes to pricing.

Consider this:

One size doesn’t fit all. Ask your clients how they like to communicate. An old-school client might prefer a monthly in-person meeting to a weekly Zoom check-in.

2. Upfront legwork

As soon as you’re able, do research on your client’s industry. Familiarize yourself with their industry challenges, their competitive landscape, and even their jargon, so they feel confident you understand their needs.

Consider this:

On the flipside, make sure you’re all speaking the same language. Not all clients are up on the latest marketing jargon. Spell out what you mean (especially the acronyms!) to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

3. Be generous

Take time to explain your approach, decisions, and strategy to clients. Keeping them in the loop will help build confidence in your process and skill set.

Consider this:

Pass on helpful tips and tricks that can help clients work more efficiently.

4. Ask for feedback

Don’t wait until a project’s over to ask for feedback. Frequent check-ins will show your drive to improve and that you value your client’s opinions.

Consider this:

Surprise clients by asking for feedback after onboarding. Not only does this ensure you’re on the same page, but this can help you improve your onboarding process for future clients.

5. Last (but not least), put them first

Putting your clients first can manifest in many ways—meeting on their schedule, adapting to their communication style, having a handle on their audience data, and even thinking about their online security.

Consider this:

Connect your client accounts to Mailchimp and you won’t need to worry about managing and sharing passwords or seats. With Mailchimp & Co, your client can give you the appropriate level of access, so they always feel secure.

Now that you’re primed for winning clients over, learn the secrets to maintaining long-lasting client relationships.

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