About Email Campaign Footers

The campaign footer is a content section located at the bottom of an email, which typically contains information about the sender (that's you!) and links to unsubscribe or forward the email. All of our templates include a campaign footer with default content that we get from your list details.

In this article, you'll learn about the types of content we include in your campaign footer and what you can customize.

Campaign Footer Example

Required Footer Content

Anti-spam laws and our Terms Of Use require you to include certain information in every email campaign you send. We're here to help you get this right, so all our templates include the following required content in the campaign footer for you.

The *|UNSUB|* Merge Tag
Our *|UNSUB|* merge tag generates a link to your MailChimp-hosted unsubscribe form where subscribers can opt out of your campaigns.This helps keep your subscriber list clean and your reputation intact. If our system doesn't detect the merge tag in your campaign, we'll add an extra footer to the bottom of your campaign that contains the merge tag.

Your Physical Address
The address must be an address where you can receive mail, and can't be an email address or website. If you work from home, you may not want your home address exposed to your subscribers, so we suggest you use a post office box as an alternative.

Do you have a Forever Free account with MailChimp? We require that all Forever Free accounts include a MonkeyRewards badge on all HTML campaigns. Paid users who want to earn MonkeyRewards credits can choose to enable the MonkeyRewards badge in their account settings or on individual campaigns. Nifty!

Terms of Use and Anti-Spam Requirements

The Unsubscribe Merge Tag

Alternative Physical Address Ideas

MonkeyRewards Credits

Recommended Footer Content

We'll automatically include your permission reminder, an update profile link, and the copyright year in your email campaign footer. While these items aren't required, it's considered a best practice to include them in your campaign footer. Depending on your needs, you can customize, change, or remove any of the following recommended content.

Permission Reminder

The permission reminder is a short explanation that tells subscribers how they were added to your list.

Subscriber's Email Address

Insert the *|EMAIL|* merge tag if you want to show your subscribers which email address they used to sign up for your list.

Update Profile Link

Keep your list current and your subscribers' preferences up to date with a link to an update profile form.

Copyright Year

Insert the *|CURRENT_YEAR|* merge tag if you want to include a copyright date in your campaign. This merge tag is great because it will update automatically every year.

Edit the Permission Reminder

Add an Update Profile Link

All the Footer Merge Tags

Edit Your Footer Content

Feel free to customize your email campaign footer to fit your brand. Use our built-in editing tools to change the layout, colors, or to add different merge tags. You can even translate your footer content to another language if you need to. Our plain-text campaigns also include an editable default footer.

Whether you create a regular HTML or Plain-text campaign, just be sure you include the required footer content somewhere in your campaign. Sound good? Awesome.

Use Footer Content Blocks

Customize Your Campaign Footer

Translate Your Footer

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