About Suspension

If you're looking at this page, your account was probably suspended.

If you don't see a note in your account that informs you of the suspension, but you're not able to send, we might be reviewing your account.

Why is my account suspended?

ISPs and anti-spam organizations monitor us as a sender; when they see cause for concern, they slow or stop our delivery. That's why we keep an eye on email campaigns for things that could harm your sending reputation, and why we have to suspend sending until we can identify what's going on.

In most cases, we send a warning before we suspend. If for some reason you didn't receive a warning, it's probably because one of our Compliance Team members noticed something during a manual review of the account.

Typically, sending is the only disabled feature; all other features will continue to work (logging in, sign-up forms, API requests, etc). However, there are some incidents serious enough to cause us to shut off logging in, API requests and email campaign tracking. There are several reasons why we would've suspended the account: 

What can I do to fix this?

Several factors can cause negative results that prompt suspension. These overview articles may give you an idea of what needs to be improved in the future.

Check your email, or get in touch with the Primary Account Contact. We'll send an email to the Primary Account Contact on file with details about the issue, and instructions on how to move forward.

Log in to Mailchimp and navigate to your Account page. There, you'll find information about why your account was disabled. Messages from Compliance are also available on your Account page under the Account History heading. We review accounts during business hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, EST), in the order they are received.

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