About Unsubscribe Warnings

If you're looking at this page, your account has probably received a warning about a high unsubscribe rate from a recent campaign.

Why did I get a warning?

An unsubscribe warning indicates that some subscribers no longer wish to receive your campaigns. High unsubscribe rates can hurt your reputation and deliverability. If you receive more than a handful of warnings, it's a sign of larger issues that could start to affect the account standing.

When someone clicks the unsubscribe link in your campaign, they are automatically removed from the audience the campaign was sent to.

Continued high unsubscribe rates could harm your sending reputation, and we'd recommend re-evaluating your email marketing process to prevent further issues.

What does this mean?

A rising unsubscribe rate could lead to account suspension. If that happens, you'll receive an email from the Compliance Team. They'll ask about your contact collection process and ask for other details about your audience. Keep in mind that unless you receive a suspension notice, the account is not suspended; we just wanted to notify you so you'd have a chance to investigate.

What should I do now?

To help keep the account clear of any future issues, you'll want to check into what could have caused this. These articles will help you identify what happened in your case:

In some cases when a warning has been issued, we will provide a form that you can fill out with questions regarding the warning. To access the form, log in to your account and select Account > Account Status. We respond to requests in the order that they are received. Most emails receive a response within a couple of hours (our office hours are Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST).

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