Export and Back Up Account Data

Create and keep a backup of your entire account to safeguard your data. Account exports preserve all of your account information, like templates, campaigns, and reporting data. You can also re-import your data if you've previously exported it, with the exception of campaign reports.

In this article, you'll learn how to export and back up your account data.

Before you start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • This process exports a copy of all your account data. It doesn't delete the information from your Mailchimp account.
  • You're allowed one account export per 24-hour period.
  • We'll email you when your data export is ready. The export process can take some time, especially if you have a large amount of data.
  • When the export is done, we'll create a ZIP file of all your data that you can download from your account. This file is only available in your account and isn't included in the email we send you.

About the export

Before you export your data, it's a good idea to review what's included and what's not included in an account export so you can decide if this process meets your needs.

What's included

Here's what's included in your account export:

  • Lists
    A folder with separate files for cleaned, subscribed (members), transactional (non-subscribed), and unsubscribed contacts.
  • Reports
    Folders for different reporting data. An aggregate_activity folder with overall data like opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. A geo_data folder with Geolocation data for sent email campaigns. A granular_activity folder with open and click data for individual contacts.
  • Templates
    A folder with HTML files for all your templates.
  • Campaigns
    A CSV of all your campaigns and a campaigns_content folder with HTML and TXT files for all your campaigns.
  • Content Studio files
    A separate Files folder with all assets stored in the Content Studio in your account. If you have a lot of assets stored in Mailchimp, keep in mind that this file will be large.

What's not included

Here's what's not included in account exports:

  • Deleted audiences
    Audience deletion is permanent, and we don’t continue to host deleted audience data. For more on how audience deletion works, check out Delete an Audience.
  • Billing receipts
    Current and past billing statements aren't included in account exports. If you need to print or save receipts for your Mailchimp account, you can do that from the billing history page in your account settings.
  • Third-party information
    We can only include information about your contacts if it’s stored in Mailchimp. If you have a separate system or application you use to manage your contacts, consider integrating it with Mailchimp or use our API to sync your data.

Export your account data

To export your account data, follow these steps.

  1. Click to open your Account Settings.
  2. Click the Settings drop-down menu and choose Manage my data.
    Export my data option
  3. Click Build My Data Backup.
    Cursor hovers over the Backup button.

We'll bundle all of your data into a single ZIP file download and send it to the email address on file for your account. This may take a little while if you have a lot of data. When you receive the email, click the link in the email to go to the Manage My Data page, and click Download My Account Data.

Our Backup Processes

Every user's information is stored on a database shard. Each shard has three servers:

  • Primary
    The primary server is the active server handling all the day-to-day activity.
  • Secondary
    The secondary server acts as a backup if something goes wrong with the primary server.
  • Extra Backup
    Each shard has a third server as an additional backup measure.

We also make a full backup of the entire shard every day, just in case something happens to all three servers. Most system problems aren't significant enough to be noticed by our users, and we’re able to fix them quickly. If there's a severe and catastrophic hardware failure, these security measure help protect the data stored in Mailchimp.

We're continually evaluating our backup system to keep an eye on things and adding additional layers of backup to protect your data.

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