MonkeyRewards Credits

Earn email credits when you refer new paying customers to MailChimp through our MonkeyRewards program. All users can add a MonkeyRewards badge to their email campaigns.

When you add the rewards badge to your email campaigns or signup forms, we track all clicks from your badge. When you send us a new customer, we add $30 in credits to your account and the new account of the person you referred. It's a win/win situation.

To view your rewards, follow the steps below.

  1. Click your profile name to expand the Account Panel, and select Account.
  2. Click the Extras drop-down menu, and choose Rewards.

MonkeyRewards Menu

MonkeyRewards Rules

  • Both accounts need to be paid accounts before any Monkey Rewards can be redeemed.
  • MonkeyRewards can only be applied to accounts if your friend or colleague signs up through your affiliate badge link. We can't make exceptions to this rule. So if your friend or colleague signed up and forgot to use the link, ask them to create a new account via the MonkeyRewards badge so you both get the credits.
  • We require that all free accounts include a MonkeyRewards badge in email campaigns and signup forms. Free account users collect credits that can't be used until after they switch to a Monthly or Pay As You Go Plan. If you recently upgraded from the Forever Free Plan, you'll automatically have access to the credits you received for accounts that signed up through your affiliate link and that are also on a paid plan. If someone signed up through your affiliate link but are still on the Forever Free Plan, you will not see those credits in your account until they upgrade to a paid plan.
  • MonkeyRewards have no cash value. They can't be redeemed or refunded as cash. They can only be applied toward MailChimp purchases.
  • You cannot transfer MonkeyRewards to different accounts.
  • MonkeyRewards can only be used and redeemed by MailChimp customers who are in good standing. If we have to shut down your account for any reason, you cannot use your MonkeyRewards.
  • We can revoke your MonkeyRewards credits if something in the account violates our Terms of Use.
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