My campaign links trigger "possible fraud" alerts

Link tracking is a valuable tool that can, on rare occasions, can trigger a spam filter's fraud alert. To track clicks in Mailchimp, your links are replaced with tracking redirect links to count interactions with your subscribers. Because some evil spammers hide bad URLs behind safe-looking links, some spam filters see our redirects and assume they're bad.

If you're sending to subscribed contacts in your audience, this typically isn't an issue. Subscribers generally trust content from you, because they opted in to receive it. However, if you find these alerts to be a significant problem, here are a couple of things to try.

  • Use descriptive text links.
    Some people install privacy or security software that scans email for deceptive or phishing links, which are links where the text doesn't match the URLs. It's best to avoid writing out your URLs in the text of your campaign, and use descriptive text instead. For example, use Visit Mailchimp!, not
  • Disable click tracking.
    Any type of tracking redirect link can look like a fraud attempt when aggressive filtering is in place on the recipient's end. We don't recommend turning tracking off, but this may be the only option for super aggressive spam filters.

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