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Centralize your customer data and use predictive analytics to build segments and personalize your marketing.

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Are you making the most of your customer data? Canopy Labs helps businesses increase their sales by predicting customer behaviour and trends. Using our platform, businesses can improve marketing conversion by launching targeted email marketing campaigns, taking advantage of tools such a dynamic product recommendations, propensity modelling, and customer lifetime value prediction.

Canopy Labs helps companies grow using a 3-phase approach:

  1. Centralization. The first step is automatically pulling in the entirety of your customer data into one central location. The 4 most popular sources of data that businesses integrate are email engagement actions (through Mailchimp), past purchase data, website browsing activity, and customer demographics. A 360° profile is created for every customer.
  2. Analytics. Based on a comprehensive picture of each customer, our analytics platform helps you both understand past actions and anticipate future behaviour. Models such as product recommendations, sentiment analysis, and email campaign performance run automatically and will learn and improve as your business grows.
  3. Action. Armed with both descriptive and predictive insights, we help you take action on your data through a suite of self-serve online tools. Segment your customers based on any metric for more targeted email marketing. Embed personalized recommendations into emails and on a website. Sophisticated users can take advantage of our API for advanced applications.

Best of all, you can get up and running using your own company’s data within 24 hours. To see if Canopy Labs is a good match for your business and trial it for free, please visit our site.