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Digital marketing monitoring in Slack. Eletype helps you cover your ads… now with Mailchimp support!

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Digital Marketing Monitoring… now in Slack.

Your team is on Slack, that’s why Eletype is the only 100% Slack-based digital marketing toolkit designed for today’s marketing teams.

Our intelligent assistant monitors your search, social, and now Mailchimp campaigns! Never get caught off guard again, we’ve got you covered. Here is how you do it:

Step 1 - Add Eletype to Slack

Step 2 - Connect to your Mailchimp account

Step 3 - Select a Mailchimp email list and add it to a Slack channel

Step 4 - Sit back and get daily summaries and real-time notifications directly in Slack

Eletype also connects to your Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads giving you complete coverage across PPC search and social media.

In addition to covering your ads, Eletype also covers your landing pages using our real-time page monitoring module. Check for uptime, render time, pixel/tag checks and, if you are an enterprise customer, get full ecommerce cart and funnel testing. Learn more about

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Image of slack eletype notification with Daily Mailchimp list summary and campaign advice

Daily Mailchimp list summary with campaign advice

Eletype notification in Slack with Email link monitoring

Email link monitoring

Eletype notification in Slack with Real-time Mailchimp notifications

Real-time Mailchimp notifications