LiveIntent - Real-Time Advertising in Email

Publishers can monetize their email programs by using LiveIntent’s real-time platform for email advertising.

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LiveIntent is the first premium exchange designed to maximize the value of a publisher's email inventory.

Our state of the art prediction engine turns demand from our trading desk - coupled with demand from leading DSPs - into higher CPMs for publishers and an improved customer experience.

Publisher Benefits - Real-time Bidding means multiple advertisers per ad slot & higher eCPMs - Optimizes ad content for device, geo, and time of day - Simple set of ad tags implemented in minutes - Helps publishers grow email revenue - Allows publishers to advertise intelligently within email - Provides data security for your users - Global Frequency control - Ads optimized for mobile - Capture new spend while selling impressions smartly and safely

LiveIntent makes sending email a win-win-win: Advertisers can target their messages to valuable, engaged audiences; Publishers can easily sell premium inventory and run successful targeted advertising campaigns.

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