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Move images from social media into the Mailchimp file manager.
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J. Hutch

Why I made this:

I made this app in order to establish a point of connection between image driven social media and Mailchimp. Social media today is inundated with imagery, and I wanted to offer resourceful marketeers the opportunity to use their own social media imagery in their Mailchimp campaigns... That's pretty much it, do I need more of a reason?

What it does:

This web application pulls images from popular social media sites in order to import those images into Mailchimp. It does this using each applications API, and will only pull images owned by an authorizing account. Oh, and of course you get to select which images you want to import.

Who can use it:

Anyone! Well... anyone with a Mailchimp account that has valid API access. Just connect your Mailchimp account on the Home Page, by selecting the ""Get Started"" button.

Things to be noted:

  • This application will pull only the most recent (100) images from each service.
  • Only images the authorizing account uploaded will be pulled from each service.
  • While the images you see in this app are thumbnails, full size copies of the original image will be imported into Mailchimp.
  • While this application will pull images that have been uploaded to their original services at any size, the Mailchimp file manager will only allow files up to 10MB in size to be imported.
  • Use of this application in any way that violates the terms of use of Mailchimp, Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr is strictly prohibited.

Additional Information & Help

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