Sync Shopify customers, products, and purchase data to Mailchimp.

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Keep Shopify and Mailchimp in sync

Connect your Shopify store or POS to your Mailchimp audience and unlock new features that help you drive sales. Level up your email and social marketing efforts with instant access to your Shopify customers, orders, and products inside Mailchimp.

Send smart, personalized marketing communications

Mailchimp’s customer relationship management (CRM) features will help you market smarter with custom or pre-built segments, new subscriber welcomes, repeat buyer rewards, and other tools to send targeted, meaningful content that drives sales.

Amplify your marketing efforts

Connect Shopify to Mailchimp and bring together your sales and marketing data all in one place. This helps you see what’s working and what could be improved so you can make the most of your marketing time and budget.

Sell smarter with automated, personalized marketing by syncing your Shopify customers, orders, and products to Mailchimp.

Shopify Benefits

Manage and grow customer relationships

By connecting your Shopify store to Mailchimp, you can collect and organize all of your contacts in one place. This makes it easier to organize them with tags and segments, and send the right communications to the right audience.

Recommend products they already want, automatically

Generate personalized suggestions based on the purchase history of your customers with built-in product recommendations. Then, use abandoned cart emails to automatically follow up with people who leave your store without completing their purchase.

Find new buyers with social ads that feature your products

Mailchimp’s Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads help you remind site visitors about your products when they check their social media. Create and publish ads that recapture attention and increase conversion with customers who were once engaged with your products and brand.

Communicate with customers at exactly the right time

Use automations and our Customer Journey Builder to deliver relevant content based on behavior. Remind customers about abandoned carts in your Shopify store, win back lapsed customers with new promotions, and follow up after the sale with personalized recommendations.

Have questions about the Mailchimp for Shopify integration? Contact our dedicated e-commerce support team, or browse our support resources.

Sync your Shopify products, orders, customers, and more to Mailchimp.

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