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Show by Animaker

Show by Animaker integration for Mailchimp can help generate leads using forms in your videos, which will be automatically sync with your mailing lists.


Show by Animaker integration with Mailchimp will allow you to send custom-made email campaigns with your videos embedded as GIFs. This integration will use Mailchimp’s tools and resources to help create, build, and scale your own business brand.


This Show integration for Mailchimp can help generate leads using forms in your videos, which will automatically sync with your mailing lists. This can help increase the engagement of your email campaigns by tracking how your contacts interact with the embedded video.

What happens is the Show app adds some tracking information when your video’s URL is being generated and Mailchimp campaign tags are merged. This will allow Show to provide game-changing analytics for each person on your Mailchimp list, including

  • Who is watching your video?
  • Where are they geographically located?
  • How much of the video did they watch?


Show is a video-first marketing platform with a unified approach of bringing the entire video marketing workflow with all the tech stacks under one roof. Convert your video visitors into leads using forms, polls, with inbuilt CRM.

Show has a customizable player that will fit your needs and that can be customized based on the campaign and fit in wherever you wanted it to be. It can be website embed, email embed, mobile embed, etc. The player can support from 480P to 8K and 2G to 5G.

Show creates engagement and interactivity with your video and helps your prospects to understand your product better. But we do support both starting from annotations, CTA, turnstiles, video connectivity and promote other media content.

What is VFM?

VFM or Video First Marketing is what the Show app is all about, a new revolutionary next-gen marketing strategy leveraging videos to drive your business growth. It helps improve funnel conversions, increases revenue, and customer retention.

What makes a great video for your business?

So, what makes a great video? And how to keep your viewers engaged? Let’s dive into the 7 parts of a great video!