Automatically capture and push leads gathered on your Unbounce landing pages directly into your MailChimp account.
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Turn More Email Clicks into Sales and Signups Using Unbounce Landing Pages

With Unbounce, you can build campaign-tailored landing pages to create a consistent experience from inbox to post-click.

Our integration pushes data from your Unbounce lead gen landing page forms into your Mailchimp lists to easily track leads for better segmentation, personalization, and nurturing. Once active, the integration ensures your leads are stored in an exportable CSV in Unbounce, and within any list/segment in MailChimp.

This allows you to split test pages to better match email subject lines, design, messaging, or CTA and see exactly what’s resonating with every prospect on your list.

By creating a personalized landing page experience, you’ll be able to convert visitors with the right message and the right offer at the right time for any email campaign.

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