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X-Cart for Mandrill

Integrates Mandrill with X-Cart - open source PHP eCommerce platform. Free lifetime license or powerful premium package

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X-Cart, a powerful open source PHP eCommerce platform, available both as a free lifetime license (with free lifetime upgrades) and as a premium package with advanced marketing tools, is fully integrated with Mandrill via a built-in "Mandrill Integration" module. The integration module allows X-Cart-based stores owners to use Mandrill for all the transactional emails their stores send :

  • Order confirmations
  • Order status updates
  • Password resets
  • Abandoned Cart Reminders*
  • and other, i.e. all the e-mail notifications your X-Cart store sends will be sent via Mandrill

*If the Abandoned Cart Reminder module is enabled, Mandrill will handle its notifications, too. Once the 'Not finished' order is placed, the customer receives a reminder with a special tag for future reports. Mandrill collects the statistics so the reports of customer's activity (emails opened, links clicked, orders finished) will be available in the admin area of X-Cart store in the ‘Statistics’ section.

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