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How Seaweed Bath Co. Increased Sales Using Custom Email Templates

Learn about the strategy that boosted sales for this natural beauty line.

Hero image for Issue #104: Featuring The Seaweed Bath Co.

For nearly a decade, the husband-and-wife team at The Seaweed Bath Co. have been spreading the natural care gospel. Adam and Allison Grossman’s seaweed-fueled line of beauty products has found a home everywhere from independent retailers to Target and Whole Foods. Adam and Allison invited the What’s in Store team to their offices in Austin, Texas to talk about how they’re using Mailchimp’s custom email templates to boost sales.

Launched in 2010, the idea for Seaweed Bath Co. started with Adam, who had struggled with sensitive skin. Through research, Adam discovered seaweed spas in Ireland, and later connected with a woman who hand-harvested the ocean plant. Adam began using it in his bath, and it dramatically improved his skin.

Today, The Seaweed Bath Co. hand-harvests certified organic seaweed off the coast of Maine, and turns it into a full line of natural body, hair, and face products. “Fortunately, we really filled a gap in the marketplace where seaweed and beauty rituals have been out there a long time,” Adam says, adding that in Korea this method of self-care is nothing new.

“La Mer has been out there as one of the best-selling high-end skincares, so we kind of brought the best of seaweed to the natural consumer at an affordable price with high-quality ingredients,” he says.

When it comes to incorporating the custom email templates into their overall marketing strategy, Allison says the feature serves several purposes. The team sends emails regularly for promotions and news, such as new product launches and ingredient spotlights.

But they’re also using the templates to create surveys to get customer feedback for product development. “When we first launched our website and starting using Mailchimp, I had no previous digital marketing experience, and I really found the custom templates to be foolproof,” Allison says.

Now, she can’t imagine their business functioning without the ability to customize the aesthetic of their messaging. “The custom templates have been crucial for us to really quickly and effectively modify our messaging and the look and feel of our emails to communicate the latest to our customers and make sure that they feel connected through our branding,” she says.

Adam says Seaweed Bath Co. found placement for their line in bigger stores once they were able to marry their branding with their communications. “As a small company it gives us an air of professionalism, so that’s where Mailchimp’s digital marketing templates really take us to the next level,” he says.

A key factor in Seaweed Bath Co.’s success has been the relationship with customers they’ve built through their campaigns. Making time for changes to the ever-evolving family business with 2 kids hasn’t been easy, but using the templates allows Adam and Allison to make product adjustments on the fly thanks to that steady stream of feedback from subscribers.

“Over time, working with Mailchimp templates has helped us grow our community and increase sales,” Allison says. “Listening to our customers, taking what they say, and applying that to our product helped us to really create a line that we’re passionate about.”

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