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Check Out Margaret Vera’s Facebook Ad Results

We’re back to break down Margaret Vera’s ad results! One week, 2 campaigns, and a $250 budget.

Hero image for Issue #47: Featuring Margaret Vera, Part 2

Hey e-commerce enthusiasts! Melissa here, back for part 2 of our edition of What’s in Store featuring Margaret Vera. Last week we visited leather accessories brand Margaret Vera to talk about Mailchimp’s new Facebook Ads integration. Our resident Facebook ad expert Jocelyn and I sat down with founder Margaret “Meg” Vera Councilman to help her strategize and launch her very first Facebook Ad Campaign.

This week, we’re back to break down the results! We gave Meg $1,000 to spend however she wished. She decided to test 2 different campaigns, each running for 1 week with a spend of $250.

The first one targeted a lookalike audience, meaning people who have similar attributes and buying patterns as the customers on Meg’s Mailchimp list. We refined the audience to women ages 25 to 60 in the U.S. who are interested in handbags and fashion accessories. We kept the copy simple and straightforward with key brand phrases like “handmade” and “genuine leather.”

For the second campaign, we targeted women ages 30 to 60 who like specific brands where Meg’s ideal customer might shop, such as West Elm, J.Crew, and the Frye Company, to name a few. While ad #1 was more brand-focused, ad #2 was more product-focused and included an exclusive promotional offer for 15% off plus free shipping.

Meg’s primary goal for both ad campaigns was to grow her list and drive traffic to her site.

So how did these campaigns stack up?

While the ads didn’t generate any purchases (Meg’s goal was brand awareness, not sales), they reached a total of 56,701 people and drove 890 people directly to her site from Facebook.

Comparing the two campaigns, ad #1 reached 9,073 more people, but ad #2 had 62 more unique clicks. But Meg’s biggest win was that she grew her Mailchimp subscriber list by almost 8%!!!

We asked Meg if she was happy with the results. “Yes!” she exclaimed. “Nurturing a relationship is rare in our speed-of-light way of life, so I’m happy if a customer wants to enjoy the journey.”

Meg believes in the value of brand-building rather than making a quick sale. “It may take a few positive encounters or interactions with a customer before they decide to make a purchase,” she acknowledges, “but brand awareness is important for a customer’s journey.”

Now that she has some new subscribers, Meg’s focus will be to keep the momentum going and target these customers with fresh content to keep them coming back for more. “I plan on continuing my emails and encouraging new subscribers to follow Margaret Vera on Instagram and our other social media channels.”

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