Using Mailchimp Pro to Market Mailchimp Pro

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Before we released Mailchimp Pro, we tested it. Then we tested it some more. After a year of creating and testing, we were proud to have built something that benefits not only our users, but also the email marketing we share with them. When we started thinking about how to announce the release of Mailchimp Pro to the world, we knew we were working with the best tools for the job. And, predictably, we tested even more. Here’s a little look at all the experimentation that went into the creation and early marketing of Pro.

Testing Multivariate Testing

We got warmed up for using Pro to announce Pro by using it to roll out a few more product announcements. Since the Mailchimp marketing team is just a 30-second Heely ride away from the product team, they let us try all the new features while they were still being developed. So before Pro was out in the world we started working on 8 versions of an email about our new A/B testing features. We followed that up by testing 5 variations of an email about Mailchimp Subscribe.


When it came time to work on our big Pro emails, we were ready. With 2 multivariate campaigns under our belt, we could use what we learned to set up set up a campaign we knew would be a high-performer. There’s a prominent image, immediate call to action, minimal text, and—thanks to our email developer Alex Kelly—a universal design, consistent everywhere from Outlook 2000 to that Android phone where texts scroll across the bezel.

Here’s how the draft of the email changed as we tweaked it:


I <3 Mailchimp Pro

This may sound like tooting our own horn, but really, Mailchimp Pro has changed the way I do email marketing for Mailchimp. From here on out, every one of our campaigns will use Multivariate Testing. It’s changed how we send, what we send, and how quickly we can iterate. And from what I hear, this is only the beginning. Stay tuned.

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