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What to Write on a Meet the Team Page

A meet the team page is a great opportunity to showcase your staff. Learn how to write an excellent meet the team page with this guide.

When you are getting ready to introduce your team members, it is critical that you provide information to your audience that will help them develop confidence in your brand. You built your company, but it takes more than you to run it. The landing page of a website is the first page people see. It is your face to your potential audience and customers. But putting information about your team is also critical.

While you may already have a profile cover of your amazing team on your social media pages, when you create a website, you need to show your audience who they will be dealing with when they order. That’s where a meet the team page comes in.

A meet the team page is a page where companies can introduce their employees to site visitors and showcase the highlights of their organization’s personnel. In this article, we explain what a meet the team page is and how to write a great one.

What is a meet the team page?

A meet the team page is dedicated to the people who make your business what it is today. They are your direct contact to your market, your audience, and the people who make your revenue flow. This page can be a subpage of the "About Us" page and it shows your visitors how your team works together, implementing the products and services you are providing, so everyone ends up happy.

You can create team pages in a number of different ways, with the only limits being your creativity and imagination. Don't go too quirky, but some of the best staff profile pages present employees in a way that’s interesting, creative, or funny.

Why create a meet the team page?

Remember, it may be you who pays the bills, provides the services to your clients, and keeps everything going, but when you get an order for a product or service, it won't be you they will be working with. It is your team members who will be dealing directly with your clients face-to-face or on the phone, so credibility for your business actually starts with them.

Building your crew up by showing them off personalities and strengths will go a long way toward helping your visitors connect with your brand, but also build up the confidence of your team members, which results in more sales and customer engagement.

Plus, a meet the team page brings certain benefits to the table. For instance, with a meet the team page you can:

  • Introduce your employees
  • Humanize your company
  • Increase transparency
  • Emphasize your organization’s strengths

Who should be included on a meet the team page?

If you’re a small company, you may choose to include all team members on your team page. Share what each team member is responsible for below their picture in a few words such as, "Brant Sable, Sales Team Lead," then put a small blurb somewhere near his picture and title that sums up their specific area of expertise and a bit about their personality.

On the other hand, if you’re a large company with thousands of employees, listing every employee on your meet the team page will be impractical. In this case, it may make more sense to only include your business executives or leadership team, as these individuals can represent every major department in your company.

People like to know a little about who they will be working with, not only regarding their individual skill set, but also their manner of communication and originality, things that define what they are about. Personality can make all the difference when you are trying to influence people to purchase from you and trust your brand.

Unlike in the real world where you can win people over with a handshake and a smile, you don't have these things in the online environment. So you have to build your credibility through other things.

One of these things is social reputation. By building your social media reputation and showing off your successes online, you can get more people to take a chance with your brand. But what really matters most in the end when it comes time to convert this to a sale? The personality of your team!

What should you write on your meet the team page?

It can be difficult to determine what to write on a meet the team page. After all, it can be hard to describe all of the strengths your team members bring to the table in such a small space. And, in some cases, you may want to take the opportunity to be fun and show off some personality, while at the same time remaining professional and true to your brand. Below, we’ve listed some of the things you may include on your meet the team page in order to optimize it.

Employee profiles

By including employee profiles with relevant information on each team member, visitors will have a better idea about who they should address their problem, question, or concern with. Be thorough, but not wordy. Remember that attention spans are short, so you need to include only the most relevant information, but make it specific enough that people will know your staff before they even meet them.

Contact information

Include contact information for each staff or team member.

This can include:

  • Address of your business (if any)
  • Title of the team member and what they do
  • Email address
  • Best times to call

This allows your potential customer to connect directly with the team member who can best help them and cut out wasted time. It also engages the visitor in such a way that they want to know more about your services.

Fun facts

Who says meeting your team should be boring? Shake things up a bit with a few fun facts about some of the team members. For example, if your creative director won a gold medal in the Olympics when they were 15, include that in their profile! If your sales representative used to drive in the Indianapolis 500, be sure to include that too. Facts like this help humanize your team and get people interested in your business.

Tips for creating a meet our team page

When starting a meet our team page, it is important to focus on 2 major components: highlighting personalities and using high-quality images to draw people in. People actively seek out beautiful imagery, as well as colors or designs that stimulate their mind. Be sure to include something unique that will attract even the most skeptical of visitors and keep them coming back.

For inspiration, check out our tips for creating a meet the team page listed below.

Highlight personalities

Everyone at your company has a unique personality, but this isn’t always apparent to website visitors and potential customers. They may just think of you as a faceless company with people who work anonymously behind the scenes to keep it all running. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Perhaps you have a web developer on your team with a great sense of humor or a marketing manager who’s passionate about wildlife conservation. Whatever the case may be, allow employee personalities to take the spotlight on your meet the team page. Humanizing your team can make it easier for potential customers to relate with your organization and make a lasting connection.

Explain what each individual brings to the table

Focus on the good stuff about every team member that your clients might deal with on their project. If you have a team who creates logos for business brands, talk about their ability in graphic design, the use of color to attract visitors, and dynamic HTML or web responsiveness for mobile users.

Use high-quality images

The use of high-quality images is important to the overall feel and UI of your website. The use of high-quality, high-resolution images can go a long way toward hooking the right people to bring in. Make sure you are using the best device—such as a high-quality cell phone camera or a professional DSLR camera—to do the trick. Excellent images say you care enough about your brand and, more importantly, about the customer experience, to do it right.

Final notes

When putting together your team page, planning is paramount. Steve Jobs often said, "Plan in analog." Don't worry about putting something into your digital calendar or Microsoft OneDrive. Just get an old-fashioned legal pad and start jotting down notes that will help you move through the various steps.

Here's a recap of our meet the team template guide:

  • Create the page
  • Create employee profiles for each important team member
  • Leave contact information so visitors may contact the right person
  • Write some fun facts about each one
  • Highlight personalities that would be of interest to visitors
  • Explain the value of each team member
  • Use high-quality images to draw people in

If you are planning to write a meet the team page for your website, you will need a meet the team template to get started. Mailchimp can help. We have a great team ourselves who specialize in various aspects of the process. We can help you create a meet the team template by providing you with the tools to claim a domain, build a website, generate exciting content, and more. Visit us today to learn more about how our CRM software can take your business to the next level.

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