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6 Ways to Get More Conversions on Your Landing Page

Tips to make sure your business is optimizing for success.

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You’ve completed a successful email marketing campaign, and now your landing page is receiving many new visitors. But is your landing page optimized for conversions? Don’t squander your success; follow these 6 tips to get more conversions on your landing page.

1. Know who you’re targeting.

You need to focus your landing page on a target demographic, people with specific needs. Rather than directing everyone to one landing page, have different landing pages for each email or offering by your company. This way people will be presented with a landing page that has information actually relevant to what they’re interested in.

2. Minimize distractions and friction.

Your goal is to remove the barriers to a visitor converting. Limit distractions such as popups, excessive buttons, and navigation bars. Don’t overstimulate visitors to your page; have just one call to action (CTA) that doesn’t require much effort from them. Ask for one thing, such as an email address. The more you ask of visitors, the less likely they are to continue on and convert. “Make your landing page simple, avoid useless elements that distract from your CTA. Make sure your loading time is fast, anything more than a few seconds is unacceptable. Most people won’t wait, they’ll just do something else,” recommends Edwin Essex, email marketer at BestBritishEssays.

3. Maximize your visuals.

Aesthetics matter more than you think. Keep the design of your landing page clean and simple. For one thing, you don’t want to have a bunch of stuff cluttering up the page and distracting your visitor from making a purchase. Your page should tell a story—a story that is designed to give people just enough information to draw them in to learn more. Don’t overwhelm someone by giving them everything all at once, pique their curiosity and they will want to continue on. Make sure the aesthetic of your email and landing page are consistent. Here's some more landing page design tips to help you get started.

4. Have a targeted video.

Include a targeted video on your landing page. Adding video is the best way to boost your conversions; you can double your conversions by adding a video. A video is very good at getting someone’s attention and then getting out your message very quickly. Video also encourages a visitor to stay on your landing page longer. If you include a quick bio of your brand’s founder you can build some trust with the viewer. Doing this can lead to conversions and people forming a connection to your brand.

5. Use tools to improve your writing.

Writing doesn’t come easily to everyone, so don’t be afraid to get some help from the professionals. Here are some good resources to get you started:

  1. Writing Populist and LetsGoandLearn: These are grammar resources you can use to check over your writing for grammatical errors. Your writing reflects on you, so don’t take any chances, get some help.

  2. EliteAssignmentHelp and Essayroo: These are helpful proofreading tools you can use to make sure your copy is polished and free of errors. You’re a professional, so demonstrate that with some flawless copy.

  3. Academadvisor and Studydemic: Check out these helpful writing blogs for ideas and advice on how to improve the writing on your landing page. You’ll find people who have faced similar challenges as you and succeeded.

  4. Boomessays and UKServicesReviews: These are online editing tools you can use to make sure your writing is grammatically correct and professional. People won’t take your page seriously if it has errors in its writing.

6. Customer stories

People like reading stories from customers who have benefited from your product. They want to know what the problem was, and how your product helped them with their problem. If a customer is facing a similar challenge then you have captured their attention. The point of the stories is less about the product and more about the change in the person’s life.


Your landing page is a big part of your marketing campaign, so it needs to be optimized for conversions. Get to know your target audience, so you can tailor one or more landing pages to their needs, and minimize unnecessary distractions once they are there. Maximize your visuals, have a targeted video, share some customer stories, and use tools to make sure the writing on your page is top notch.

Written by Grace Carter for MailBakery, an official Mailchimp partner. Learn more about MailBakery + Mailchimp in our Experts Directory.

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