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The Dynamic Duo: Paid Social and Email Marketing

Paid social media and email marketing can help you maximize brand awareness, customer engagement, and return. Learn how to harness this powerful digital marketing combo.

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Paid social media and email marketing can be an unstoppable duo when used together correctly. You can maximize your brand awareness, customer engagement, and ultimately your return. The question for many small- and medium-sized businesses is how? What are the best approaches when it comes to integrating the 2 channels? We’re glad you asked.

Playing wingman

Everyone needs a little push sometimes; this is also the case when it comes to combining 2 channels in digital marketing. One way to help social media grow is through an email. You’ll see that email marketing automation and campaigns direct the consumer to view the company’s social pages to engage with the brand. Email helps increase followers and gain an understanding of the audience that is more susceptible to viewing social campaigns.

Divide and conquer

This is key when trying to help out a best friend. Email marketing is a powerful wingman. Most people at this point have an email address, but it can be hard for companies to collect them and get emails out to their audience. Scheduling social media to encourage signups and grow your lists will be useful in the long run.

The end game

We can see email and social media are best friends, but where does the paid social come into play with this relationship? It’s simple: You need it to build up a list and make the paid social campaign cost effective. The most accurate way is through displaying retargeting ads based off of behavioral data collected by your email subscriber list—see, full circle. By pulling reports, you can analyze your current customers and then create lookalike models based off of their behaviors to make sure you are targeting the most like people and get the lowest cost per click possible.

We know that the digital marketing world is fast paced, ever changing and sometimes hard to understand—so, we hope that we helped a little. Too often do people consider one channel over the other, but putting them together can make it a much more powerful force.

Written by Samantha Killeen for Hawke Media, an official Mailchimp partner. Learn more about Hawke Media + Mailchimp in our Experts Directory.

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