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Why Are Social Networks Crucial for Marketing?

Millions of people engage on social networks regularly, making social media a powerful avenue for growth. In fact, Statista reports that there were 4.26 billion active users on social media platforms globally in 2021.

With this many people online, it's no wonder that social media marketing has become a leading tool for launching digital advertising campaigns. Using a social network for marketing can significantly impact the outcome of any individual campaign, whether you're targeting specific demographics or a vast audience. Understanding the importance of social networks and marketing today can help craft your next winning strategy.

What is social networking?

The social network definition continues to change as new social platforms are developed and released around the world. Social networking involves using a social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, or even YouTube to find content, share information, and connect with others. As such, you can connect with old classmates from the past or begin to build a group of your own as a professional in your industry. The options are virtually endless once you're fully immersed in the world of social networking.

How can social networking help your business?

The average user spends around 147 minutes daily on social media (via Statista). From using a Facebook page for business to connecting with your followers on YouTube, there are many ways to use social networking to benefit your business. Integrating social media and networking into your business model can provide numerous advantages that can help scale your brand even more.

How can social media help your business

Brand growth

Social networks are essential for brand building today, regardless of the size or type of business you're running. Use a social network to establish your logo, color scheme, and the message you wish to convey to your target audience. While you're in the process of growing your brand, learn how to edit photos for your virtual image and company identity. The use of professional graphics and imagery goes a long way in making a first and lasting positive impression on users online.

SEO improvement

Social media networks are ideal for those interested in boosting their overall search engine optimization (SEO). Improving your SEO naturally and organically is easier than ever with social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Using the proper keywords, search terms, and hashtags with each update you share can have a significant and real-time impact on search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Lead nurturing

Social media sites provide virtually limitless opportunities to attract new visitors and prospective users or customers. When you use social networks to launch ad campaigns, you can do so while tracking them in real time and with updated analytics reports. Use social media for lead nurturing to gain valuable insight into what your users want and need from you based on their behavior when accessing your Facebook business pages.


The use of social networking isn't just for entertainment. In fact, it can be ideal for those looking to save money and cut costs on various forms of advertising and promotion. Most social media platforms are free to use, even for those using these channels strictly to promote their businesses and brands. Many popular social media sites today allow users to build and promote corporate pages without a fee.

Relationship building

Social media provides one of the most unique experiences available to business owners; the opportunity to truly connect and build relationships with customers. Using social media over time can help establish relationships, build trust, and garner a following of loyal and dedicated consumers. You can also use a social platform to connect with those who may be unhappy with a purchase or who have questions about your products and services.

Limitations of using social networks for marketing

Despite the benefits of social networking, there are a few limitations to keep in mind.

Limitations of using social networks for marketing

Requires time and effort

Social media marketing requires more than pressing a button and walking away. Immersing yourself in your social media presence, sharing updates, answering questions, and providing customer support can all quickly become a full-time job.

When using social media sites, you must do so with a purpose, especially when representing your business and brand. For your social media campaign to be successful, you need to plan, brainstorm, and create content, which could take hours.

Doesn't work for all businesses

Unfortunately, social networks for marketing don't work for all businesses. If a company's target audience isn't active on social media, there's no reason to move forward with your own social media marketing strategy.

When you think of using social media for marketing, consider whether you run a B2B or B2C business. Doing so can help you determine which platforms to use.

May attract negative publicity

Social media can sometimes attract negative attention and publicity, even if you don't intend this to be the case with your business. Because social media is live and open to the public, there's no way to predict where one of your posts or updates might end up in the future.


Social media sites don’t always provide the highest ROI, or return on your investment. With social media, you'll need to put in a considerable amount of work and effort to build a following. Even social media pages with thousands of followers aren't guaranteed to make sales or generate buzz just because they have shared a new post. In order to truly succeed with the use of social media, you'll need to be fully engaged with your networks and followers consistently over time.

Most popular social networking sites for businesses

Finding the right social networking site for your business will significantly depend on the type of company you're running and the audience you intend to reach.

Most popular social networking sites for businesses

Some of the most popular social media platforms for businesses include:

  • Facebook: Ideal for large and small businesses and independent entrepreneurs. This social networking app skews towards the older shopping and retail crowd. It works well for those interested in launching internal ads using the Facebook Ads platform. You can also use Facebook Messenger to exchange messages and answer consumer questions.
  • Instagram: Instagram is optimal for image-heavy campaigns and brands that focus on visual and graphic elements over text-based updates. Instagram marketing skews younger and middle-aged, depending on the niche or industry you're targeting. Instagram also has an instant messaging feature that allows you to respond to active users who message you directly.
  • Twitter: Although Twitter limits characters when sharing updates and new posts, it provides extensive reach and the ability to hone in on the use of hashtags. A Twitter guide for beginners can help get you on the right path. Incorporating hashtags into various campaigns with this social network is a great way to gain traction while boosting your brand's overall visibility online.
  • YouTube: YouTube is the best video-sharing platform for those interested in integrating social media with their branded campaigns. YouTube appeals to most age ranges, regardless of location and interests. YouTube is ideal for anyone thinking of using video media, podcasts, or even recordings to draw attention to their business or brand. A successful YouTube channel can help you build a following while providing a sustainable income.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is typically used as a social networking platform for professionals and entrepreneurs, but it can also be a valuable tool for those already in business. Using LinkedIn to promote company updates, share press releases, or garner attention from potential investors are all possibilities with the right connections.
  • TikTok: While TikTok is one of the newest social networking platforms to be released, it's now one of the most popular. TikTok users often lean towards comedy, tutorials, dance routines, and trends to captivate their audiences, resulting in more views and shares. Using TikTok is ideal for businesses targeting a more youthful audience and wanting to appeal to a much younger crowd.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest allows you to build digital storyboards while promoting specific products, ideas, or user-generated content. Pinterest is a great social media site for those who enjoy storytelling and visual guides to appeal to prospective users or customers. Additionally, the platform works well for brands that are focused heavily on being autonomously creative and independent.

While the platforms listed above are some of the most popular social networks available, they're not the only ones that can be used to promote your business or brand. As new social media platforms are developed and released, marketers will discover the best ways to use them.

Using social networks to propel your marketing

Using social networks and social media to propel your marketing is one of the fastest ways to dive into just about any industry. Whether you're looking to build a small local business or drive website traffic to an international brand and company, you can do so with the right digital marketing campaigns.

With Mailchimp, you can manage your social channels in one centralized location, allowing you to plan and schedule content without needing additional apps. You can also run paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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