Issue #109: Featuring SweetWater Brewing Company

How SweetWater uses reports to turn their emails into (liquid) gold.

Issue #108: Featuring Ann and Sid Mashburn

How Ann and Sid Mashburn found open rate success through segmentation.

Issue #107: Featuring Triple Z Threadz and Limbo Jewelry

How Triple Z Threadz and Limbo Jewelry turned anniversaries into money.

Issue #106: Featuring Yellowbird Foods

How Yellowbird Foods gets more done with multi-user accounts.

Issue #105: Featuring Highway Robery

How Highway Robery perfected their game-changing custom signup form recipe.

Issue #104: Featuring The Seaweed Bath Co.

Learn how The Seaweed Bath Co. increased sales using custom email templates.

Issue #103: Featuring Vinylmnky

How Vinylmnky personalizes with segmentation and merge tags.

Issue #102: Featuring Mitscoots Outfitters

How Mitscoots Outfitters applies predicted demographics.

Issue #101: Featuring The Daily

How The Daily makes the most of the MailChimp mobile app.

Issue #100: Featuring The Harvard Shop

How The Harvard Shop turns social posts into revenue.

Issue #99: Featuring Lekker Home

How Lekker Home personalizes their automations.

Issue #98: Featuring Bharat Babies

How Bharat Babies manage marketing on the go with MailChimp's mobile app.

Issue #97: Featuring Smudge Ink

How Smudge Ink's product recommendation strategy increased overall engagement.

Issue #96: Featuring Formaggio Kitchen

How Formaggio Kitchen segmented their way to success.

Issue #95: Featuring Alps & Meters

How Alps & Meters masters storytelling through email design.

Issue #94: Featuring Lovepop

How Lovepop succeeds with A/B testing.

Issue #93: Featuring Third Piece

How Third Piece boosted engagement with landing pages.

Issue #92: Featuring High Road Craft

How High Road Craft scales for national distribution.

Issue #91: Featuring Georgia Crafted

How Georgia Crafted takes on customer retention.

Issue #90: Featuring Adventure Cats

How Adventure Cats prioritizes their side hustle.

Issue #89: Featuring Native Bear

How Native Bear knows when to launch a new product.

Issue #88: Featuring Made With Love Brands

How Made With Love has grown multiple brands.

Issue #87: Featuring Cobbler Union

How Cobbler Union increased email frequency to connect more effectively with its customers.

Issue #86: Featuring Chuice

How Chuice educates consumers about their product.

Issue #85: Featuring Lalabu

How Lalabu manages its cash flow.

Issue #84: Featuring Live Love Polish

How Live Love Polish re-engages customers.

Issue #83: Featuring De Wine Spot

How De Wine Spot thanks first-time buyers.

Issue #82: Our Holiday Prep Special Edition

Holiday tips from Cheeky Peach and Little Barn Apothecary.

Issue #81: Featuring Cynthia Rybakoff

How Cynthia Rybakoff notifies customers.

Issue #80: Featuring Nice Laundry

How Nice Laundry recovers abandoned carts.

Issue #78: Featuring Simply Gum

How Simply Gum stays lean with retargeting ads.

Issue #77: Featuring Brooklyn Slate

How Brooklyn Slate finds similar customers with ads.

Issue #76: Featuring Cheese Grotto

How Cheese Grotto rewards their best customers.

Issue #75: Featuring Baron Fig

How Baron Fig follows up with customers.

Issue #74: Featuring Hickies

How Hickies welcomes new customers.

Issue #73: Featuring Babiators

How Babiators boosted brand loyalty.

Issue #72: Featuring Garnish & Gather

How Garnish & Gather engages customers.

Issue #71: Featuring BioRepublic

How BioRepublic samples product to grow its business.

Issue #70: Featuring Olan Rogers

How Olan Rogers created a retail destination.

Issue #69: Featuring Peach Truck

How the Peach Truck manages tricky logistics.

Issue #68: Featuring Everly

How customer insights changed Everly's business.

Issue #67: Featuring Stringjoy

How Stringjoy saves time with automations.

Issue #66: Featuring Batch

How Batch stays relevant to their target market

Issue #65: Featuring Artiphon

How Artiphon makes an impact with influencers.

Issue #64: Featuring Living Walls

How Living Walls forms strategic partnerships.

Issue #63: Featuring Olfactif

How Olfactif markets their niche brand.

Issue #62: Featuring Fallen Arrows

How Fallen Arrows creates product demand.

Issue #61: Featuring RAD AND HUNGRY

The art of storytelling with RAH.

Issue #60: Featuring Click! Design that Fits

Visual merchandising best practices from Click! Design That Fits.

Issue #59: Featuring Kukuruza

How Kukuruza grew their B2C biz to B2B.

Issue #58: Featuring Freeman

How Freeman keeps it fresh with third-party brands.

Issue #57: Featuring Priority Bicycles

How Priority Bicycles pedals their product.

Issue #56: Featuring Stonetree

Running a multi-brand business with Stonetree LLC.

Issue #55: Featuring Sixthman

How Sixthman provides a stellar customer experience.

Issue #54: Featuring Elk Head

How Elk Head targets their best customers.

Issue #53: Featuring 3 Parks Wine Shop

How 3 Parks Wine builds repeat business.

Issue #52: Featuring King of Pops

How King of Pops breaks the packaging mold.

Issue #51: Featuring Nock Co.

How Nock Co. manages supply and demand.

Issue #50: Featuring Local + Lejos

How Local + Lejos builds their global business.

Issue #49: Featuring Ben Medansky

How Ben Medansky's business survived a natural disaster.

Issue #48: Featuring This is Ground

The art of problem-solving with This is Ground.

Issue #47: Featuring Margaret Vera, Part 2

Margaret Vera's Facebook ad results are in!

Issue #46: Featuring Margaret Vera, Part 1

Setting up Facebook ads with Margaret Vera.

Issue #45: Featuring Lumi

How Lumi does the work so their customers don't have to.

Issue #44: Featuring Plywood People

How nonprofit Plywood People achieves sustainable growth.

Issue #43: Featuring Giant Robot

Advice from e-commerce veteran Giant Robot.

Issue #42: Featuring Sock Fancy

Running an online subscription service with Sock Fancy.

Issue #41: Featuring Nicobella Organics

How Nicobella Organics stays true to its mission.

Issue #40: Featuring So Worth Loving

How So Worth Loving marries community and commerce.

Issue #39: Featuring Khristian A. Howell

How PR has impacted Khristian A. Howell's business.

Issue #38: Featuring Brother Moto

How Brother Moto builds brand loyalty.