You need to go from start‑up to scale‑up. Now what?

Build and organize your audience early on. That’s what.

Mailchimp helps you find your people and build a following before you launch

  • Collect sign‑ups with landing pages

    A landing page for Seedling Soda and a signup form with the text, "Be in the know".

    We make it easy for people to join your audience when you publish a landing page with an embedded signup form. You can even tag contacts who sign up through your landing page and personalize your marketing from the get‑go.

  • Promote it on social

  • Give your newest fans a warm welcome

    Set up ready‑made automations like welcome emails so you can introduce your brand and keep people engaged.

A landing page for Seedling Soda and a signup form with the text, "Be in the know".
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Collect and organize your contacts

Organizing your audience from the start is a no-brainer, and it’s easier than you think. Mailchimp’s Marketing CRM keeps all your contact data centralized so you can stop shuffling through spreadsheets. We’ll help you get to know your growing audience so when you’re ready to launch, you’ll have a head start.

Get the right message to the right people

Our segmentation tools make it easy to see who you should be talking to and how to make your marketing more relevant. Organize contacts however you need to with tags and segments to ensure you always send people targeted messages that matter to them.

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