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How Yuool Grows Revenue—and Their Business

The Brazilian shoe brand stays connected to their audience and keeps them coming back for more using customer journeys.

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  • Industry: Ecommerce/retail
  • Founded: 2017
  • Company size: 42
  • Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Published: September 21, 2023

In a chaotic world, some people just want to relax—that’s why Yuool was founded in 2017.

“We saw the opportunity to create a comfortable and sustainable shoe brand in Brazil after seeing a similar movement in Europe and the US,” says Yuool’s co-founder and CEO Eduardo Rocha Abichequer‌*. Their versatile collection of sneakers and shoes are made for anything—working out, lounging at home, and running day-to-day errands around town—all with the goal of making every step as enjoyable as possible.

The company also wants to play a part in changing the world through sustainability by creating products that consumers ‌want to wear again and again. Their shoe fabric blend uses wool sourced from certifiably sustainable suppliers with an eye on animal welfare, cotton due to its low environmental impact, and recycled plastic bottles to help ensure longevity. Even the shoeboxes are made from recycled materials.

Yuool has 6 brick-and-mortar stores with plans to open 3 more in Brazil, and another in Milan.

In addition to their physical stores and online sales in Brazil, they also offer e-commerce in 8 European countries, as well as sales through Amazon in the US, Mexico, and Canada. They also have partners in Colombia and Uruguay who sell their product. 

Yuool communicates with a large Mailchimp audience of more than 100,000 contacts. They credit the company’s growth to a passion for their purpose—making an incredible product that focuses on comfort, quality, and sustainability—plus their knack for marketing.

The challenge: Driving sales, connecting with customers, growing the company

Yuool has plans to open even more stores and double the company size. This ambitious goal depends on generating more sales through email campaigns, since a sizable part of their revenue comes from email. Their main challenge is to gain and retain customers, and drive revenue with their email marketing strategies.

The tools: Customer journeys, tags and segments, integrations

In 2020, Yuool switched from another email service provider to Mailchimp. Eduardo says that their customer lifetime value is high, and they knew that to continue fostering those relationships, they needed to use a strong platform. “We like using Mailchimp because it's easy to use, and focuses on high quality delivery.” He says they appreciate the user experience, analytics, and integration capabilities, as well as the ability to resend the same email to people who didn’t open it the first time. “We like using the resend feature because we can get our message out to the most amount of people without having to rebuild the email,” he says.

Since growing their audience is a vital part of their strategy, they have a few tactics to help gather contacts. One way is through integrating their online store, VNDA E-commerce, with their Mailchimp account. Eduardo says, “Based on clients' purchases, and website and store behavior, we know what products they’re interested in, how much they’re used to spending, their purchasing frequency, etc.” He goes on, “We tag contacts based on purchase activity through Mailchimp’s automations.”

The top of their sales funnel also includes specialized landing pages. For example, they feature artist collaboration announcements for limited-edition shoes, and collect email addresses from people who want to know when the sneakers are available to purchase. “Unbounce is our main tool for lead capture and A/B testing. We gather these leads through the Mailchimp integration, and we send them directly to a specific audience,” Eduardo says.

“Customer journeys help us be more efficient and productive, because by inputting all the information, we just need to let the magic happen.”

- Eduardo Rocha Abichequer‌, Co-Founder and CEO, Yuool

The feature they use most is the Customer Journey Builder, with an automated welcome journey that helps to drive a customer’s first purchase. “Customer journeys help us be more efficient and productive, because by inputting all the information, we just need to let the magic happen,” says Eduardo. “Also, we’re able to communicate with the right people with relevant information.” 

He says they also use an upsell journey to continue engaging and driving sales from the same buyer. The journey involves contacting customers at specific intervals, offering them products based on their last purchase. They also send information about the brand, ways to style the shoes, special events, customer reviews, and more, all aimed at motivating them to buy another pair. And finally, Yuool sometimes offers special discounts or promotions to their leads to entice them to make their first purchase. 

The results: Engagement, sales, and repeat customers

Yuool’s revenue-driving welcome journey, created in November 2020, has a 7.4% click-through rate as of June 2023. And email campaigns account for a significant portion of Yuool’s e-commerce sales. In 2022, that number was 13%. Yuool also has a considerable number of customers who come back to make a purchase—in 2022 through May of 2023, that percentage is 34%.

“And we believe Mailchimp is part of that result, because we’re always engaging, we’re always bringing value to the customer,” Eduardo says.

  • 7.4%

    Click-through rate in welcome journeys
    as of June 2023

  • 13%

    Online sales made via email in 2022

  • 34%

    Sales made from repeat customers from January 2022 through May 2023

“We like using Mailchimp because it's easy to use, and focuses on high quality delivery.” Yuool Co-founder and CEO Eduardo Rocha Abichequer‌."

- Eduardo Rocha Abichequer‌, Co-Founder and CEO, Yuool

Goals for the future

While Yuool already has a presence in several countries, they plan on even more international expansion. In the US, they created a landing page to invite prospects to subscribe to their list. “Once they sign up, these contacts receive a specific welcome message for North America, introducing them to the brand and the products we offer abroad."

“Using Mailchimp is one of our main marketing strategies, since our clients are used to purchasing our products when triggered by our emails,” says Eduardo. “If we continue working on brand awareness and expansion, we could welcome more people into our audiences and consequently increase our sales volume through our email marketing.” 

While email is a major sales tactic for Yuool, it’s more than that. “I think Mailchimp for us is a relationship manager,” Eduardo says. “It helps the whole business.” 

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