Smart Recommendations

Intelligence-backed tools with serious sales muscle

Powered by 2 billion data points, Mailchimp’s proprietary intelligence gives you smart recommendations to help boost your marketing and revenue. Create smarter content, reach the right audience, and improve campaign performance with our data-driven tools.

Email to Highly Likely to Buy Again Audience with smart recommendation about optimizing send time.

Create brilliant content

Connect with your customers and get better results with more effective emails.

Product recommendation options with email showing selected product recommendations.

Product Recommendations

Drive sales and save time with content blocks automatically generated to include new, best-selling, or personalized product recommendations for your customers.

Email with dynamic content block. Sending to subscribers who have a zip code matching 30030.

Dynamic Content

Create just one email and dynamically personalize it for multiple contacts without doing extra work.

Smart recommendations for the email subject line. Things like try to use no more than 9 words and try to use no more than 1 emoji.

Subject Line Helper

Get data-driven feedback in real time so you can create attention-catching subject lines for emails your audience will be moved to open.


More tools to make every send smarter

Optimize your marketing with confidence and utilize industry insights tailored to your business.

128 Smart-Recommendations AUI

Next Best Action

Know what to do next with our proprietary intelligence engine as your guide.

Send Time Optimization

Confidently send your emails at the best possible time, automatically.

A/B Testing

Take out the guesswork by testing options and choosing a productive winner.

Predict who to best target

Connect your store and take advantage of data-driven ecommerce features to help you understand your audience, increase purchases, and create lasting customer relationships.

Email targeted to customers who are Moderately Likely to Buy Again.

Purchase Likelihood

Send smarter, targeted messaging by segmenting your audience according to how likely they are to purchase again.

Email targeted to customers who are Highest-Value Customers.

Customer Lifetime Value

With our tools built to help you predict customer lifetime value, you can segment shoppers easily and target your high-value consumers.


Grow your audience fast

Acquire new customers that look like your existing ones leveraging social ads, or using postcards powered by Mailchimp’s lookalike audience finder.

Expand Your Audience

131 Smart-Recommendations AUI

“The personalized product recommendation feature is really cool. It makes each email specific to the customer—I don’t have to do anything. All I did was pull this content block and drop it in the email, and then everyone has a custom email.”

April May, Owner of Smudge Ink


Put the power of big data behind your small business

Boost your sales and your confidence with every piece of content you create. Choose your plan and use our intelligence to make some brilliant marketing.