About Auto-Update and Static Segments

List segmentation is a tool that lets you view and send campaigns to subscribers who share specific common qualities. When you create a segment in MailChimp, you can save it as an auto-update or a static segment.

In this article, you'll learn the difference between auto-update and static segments.


  • Segment
    A specific set of your list contacts with common qualities.
  • Auto-Update Segment
    A type of saved segment that automatically updates with new contacts who meet your conditions.
  • Static Segment
    A type of saved segment that includes only the subscribed contacts who shared specific common qualities when you created it.

How Auto-Update and Static Segments Work

Use our segmentation tool to find certain types of contacts so you can send them customized campaigns. When you build a segment, you'll set filter conditions to find contacts with common qualities, and we'll make a note of those contacts. To easily send to the segment again, save it as auto-update or static.

After you save your segment, we'll store it in the Segments section of your list. When you're ready to create your campaign, select your segment in the Campaign Builder, and create a custom email campaign that's tailored to the interests of those contacts.

For auto-update segments, we'll check for new contacts who meet the segment conditions before you send an email campaign, and you can also edit the segment anytime. In contrast, we won't update a static segment, and they can't be edited.

Getting Started with Segments

Save and Manage Segments
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What You Can Do With Segments

Segments can improve engagement by providing relevant content to your contacts. For example, let's say you use our e-commerce features to integrate MailChimp with your online store.

You might want to contact people who purchase certain products, so you would create a segment of contacts who ordered a certain product from your connected store. To boost your sales and encourage these contacts to make another purchase, send them a customized follow-up campaign or automation.

A static segment will target the same set of purchasers, and an auto-update segment will continue to find new people who purchase the product.
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Example Uses

Auto-update segments are helpful when you want to keep track of something over time as new contacts are added to your list. Static segments work best for situations when you know your segment doesn't need to change.

Here are some scenarios where either auto-update or static segments work best.

Use an Auto-Update Segment Use a Static Segment
You want to keep track of contacts who live near a certain zip code so you can target them with local offers. You don't need to edit your segment.
You need to find out which contacts consistently maintain a high contact rating of 4 stars or above.You have the email addresses of 30 event attendees, and you know the invite list won't change.
You want to be able to edit your segment after it's created by adding and removing conditions.You have some addresses that you want to paste directly into a new segment.
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