Add Subscribers with Zapier's Facebook Lead Ads

Zapier's Facebook Lead Ads can help you attract new subscribers by making it easy for Facebook users to sign up for your email marketing campaigns. When someone clicks on your Lead Ad, their contact information from Facebook is automatically added to the Lead Ad form. Users can edit or add additional contact details.

To connect a Facebook Lead Ads form to your Mailchimp audience, you'll work in Facebook, Mailchimp, and the integration application Zapier.

In this article, you'll learn how to add subscribers to your Mailchimp audience with Facebook Lead Ads and Zapier's Lead Ads Zap.


This is a third-party integration created by Zapier. For technical assistance, reach out to Zapier Support.

Things to know

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • To complete this process, you'll need Mailchimp, Facebook, and Zapier accounts. Zapier is an integration application that will connect your Facebook Lead Ads to your Mailchimp account.
  • Zapier's Facebook Leads Ads Zap is a Premium app. To use it, you'll need a Zapier paid plan.
  • To complete this process, you'll set up a Lead Ad in Facebook and create a connecting Zap in Zapier, which will add new leads to your Mailchimp audience.
  • You can only add new Facebook leads to your Mailchimp audience. Previously collected leads can't be passed over to Zapier or Mailchimp. Instead, export a CSV file of any leads collected prior to setup and import them to your Mailchimp audience.
  • This is a third-party integration created by Zapier. For technical assistance, reach out to Zapier Support.

Set up your Facebook Lead Ad

To ensure you collect the most useful information from leads, the fields included in your Lead Ad form should match the fields in your Mailchimp audience. Information added to Lead Ad form fields that don't match the fields in your Mailchimp audience won't be passed over.

To help new subscribers easily recognize your brand when you send campaigns, the images and messaging in your ad should match your online brand strategy. If your ad is tied to a specific offer or giveaway, share a consistent message by tailoring your marketing message to compliment your email campaign content.

After you set up your Lead Ad, test it to see how it appears on desktop and mobile devices. For more information on how to set up and test your Lead Ads, take a look at Facebook's guides on how to create a Lead Ad, preview the ads you create, and Facebook's Lead Ad Testing Tool.

After you set up your Lead Ad, add groups to your Mailchimp audience to organize new leads so you can target them with email marketing campaigns later.

Add a Mailchimp group for new leads

Mailchimp tracks how subscribers are added to your audience on the contact profile. The signup source for any subscriber added with a Zap shows "Zapier."

If you use multiple Zaps to add subscribers to your Mailchimp audience, you'll need to use groups to organize zapped subscribers, so you can identify them later. Set up your groups first, and choose where to add your leads when you set up the Zap.

Create a New Audience Group
Add Subscribers to Groups
Send to Groups in Your Audience

After you've added groups to your Mailchimp audience, log in to Zapier and set up the Facebook Lead Ads Zap to connect your Facebook and Mailchimp.

Configure your Zap in Zapier

In your Zapier account, add a Facebook Lead Ads Zap and choose the Facebook Page and Lead Ad form you want to use. Be sure to test the connection between Mailchimp and Facebook to ensure your leads are added to your Mailchimp audience.

Your Mailchimp audience groups will automatically display as you build your Zap, so you can choose where to add your leads. After setup is complete, Zapier will add leads as subscribers to your Mailchimp audience, and into the groups you picked.

Your Facebook Lead Ads Zap will only pull lead data from the specific Lead Ad form associated with the Zap. To pass over lead data from a different Facebook Lead Ad form, set up a separate Zap.

For setup tips and instructions, read Zapier's guide to Facebook Lead Ads.

How to use leads with Mailchimp

After you've added leads to your audience, try other Mailchimp tools to target new subscribers with relevant email marketing campaigns.

If leads signed up in response to a giveaway or offer, use our automation feature to send a series of campaigns to your new subscribers.

Create a poll or simple survey to identify the type of marketing that is most compelling to your audience, or use segmentation to target sets of subscribers with follow up campaigns and special offers.

Take a look at Facebook's blog for more examples of how Leads Ads can be used to connect with new customers.

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