Create Unique URLs for Subscribers

If you manage personalized content on your site or in your database, you may want to share a link with subscribers that's specific to their account with you. For example, you might share a personalized coupon with a single recipient, so it can't be shared with others.

As long as you store unique identifier information for each subscriber in your database, you can do this with merge tags.

In this article, you'll learn to create an audience field and merge tag for a subscriber's unique link ID, which can be added to any valid URL in your campaign.

Unique URL Example

  1. Create a new campaign and navigate to the Design step of the Campaign Builder.
  2. Create a link in your campaign. In the URL, include the merge tag for the unique identifier field from your audience.
    Include merge tag in campaign link
  3. Preview your campaign and view live merge info to make sure the unique identifier works correctly.
    Preview and view live merge info


Conditional merge tags don't work with unique URLs. If a conditional merge tag is used in a URL, the URL will break when the campaign is sent to the audience.

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