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Our Forward to a Friend tool allows your subscribers to forward your campaign to their friends, and we track these forwards in your campaign reports. It's a good idea to include a Forward to a Friend link in all your campaigns, especially if your subscribers are likely to share your content via email.

Below, you'll learn more about the Forward to a Friend tool, how to customize your form and email, and how to add the Forward to a Friend link in your campaigns.

How It Works

When you create your campaign, you'll add the *|FORWARD|* merge tag to your content. This merge tag automatically populates with a link when the campaign is sent.

After a subscriber clicks the Forward to a Friend link in your campaign, they are taken to a form to type in their friend's details and a message. Then, the friend receives an email that includes a link to view the campaign in their browser.

Subscribers can send to only one friend at a time. After they forward the email to one friend, there is a message that allows them to send to another friend.

Forward to a Friend Form message to send to another subscriber.

When a subscriber clicks Send Email on the forward form, it counts as a forward on your campaign report. After a campaign has been forwarded using Forward to a Friend, we'll display Forwarded opens on the report, too.

Why Use It

Including the Forward to a Friend link in your campaigns prevents your subscribers from being unsubscribed by people they forward to. This is because the Forward to a Friend link does not forward the campaign your original subscriber received.

By contrast, if a subscriber forwards a campaign using the forward button in their email client instead of the Forward to a Friend link in your campaign, the new recipient gets the subscriber's campaign rather than a link to the campaign. The subscriber's version shows the original subscriber's data and links that are specific to them, and the new recipient could accidentally unsubscribe the subscriber from your list.

An additional benefit of the Forward to a Friend tool is that your campaign report will show how often your campaign was forwarded and how often those forwarded emails were opened. If a subscriber uses their email client's forward button to share your campaign, the forward is not counted in the campaign report, and any opens will be tied to the original subscriber. This can result in a single subscriber showing a high number of opens.

Customize Your Forms

The Forward to a Friend tool consists of the form your subscriber fills out and the email the subscriber's friend receives. Below, you'll learn how to customize the Forward to a Friend form and email.

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Choose Signup forms from your list's drop-down menu.
    Cursor clicks Signup forms from the list's drop-down menu.
  3. Select Form builder.
  4. On the Forms and response emails drop-down menu, choose either Forward to a friend form or Forward to a friend email.
  5. Click the Design it tab to make changes to the color scheme.

Design changes are saved automatically. Mailchimp's translation feature is also available for your forms.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

  • How can I preview the Forward to a Friend form and email?
    Before you send your campaign, click the Forward to a Friend link you added to your campaign from Preview Mode or in a test email. You can fill out and submit the Forward to a Friend form, so you can also see the Forward to a Friend email.
  • How can I see who forwarded my campaign using Forward to a Friend?
    Configure Chimp Chatter on your Dashboard page to show when and which of your subscribers forwarded your campaign using Forward to a Friend.
  • Can I see who was forwarded my campaign?
    You can only see how many times your subscribers forwarded a campaign using Forward to a Friend. You can't see who your campaign was forwarded to, because these people may not be subscribers on your list and showing their email addresses would be a violation of their privacy.

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