Getting Started with Google Remarketing Ads

Mailchimp's Google remarketing ads help to recapture the attention of people who browsed your website or landing page. Promote your products on pages your potential customers visit, and remind them of all the cool stuff they saw on your site. Your ads will be published on popular sites all across the web.

In this article, you'll learn about our Google remarketing ads.

About Retargeting

Google remarketing ads are a form of web retargeting that shows ads to people who've visited your website or landing page. Mailchimp has partnered with Google's Ad Display Network to display your ads across a huge number of webpages, mobile sites, and apps.

To get started, you'll connect a supported e-commerce store, manually connect your website to Mailchimp, or create a landing page in Mailchimp. We'll install a tracking code on your site so we can track visitors. These are the people who will see your retargeting ads. Inside Mailchimp's ad builder, we'll help you create a series of web ads based on your top sellers or favorite products. Then we'll publish your ads on other sites your potential customers visit.

The ad can show up anywhere on the Google Ad Display Network. The Ad Display Network is a collection of over a million websites, apps, videos, blogs, and other online destinations that show Google ads. To ensure that your ad viewers have a good experience, Mailchimp restricts ad display on certain categories of websites that do not fit our Acceptable Use Policy.

After you submit your ads and some time has passed, check out the Reports page to see how many customers you successfully retargeted.

Sample Google Remarketing Ads

The power of Mailchimp's ad builder is that it configures thousands of ads for you that can fit into almost any available ad space online. These responsive ads appear in a variety of sizes depending on available ad space. They could display in banner ads, sidebars, sponsored posts, and mobile apps, and more. Just plug in your brand assets, submit your ads, and we'll do the rest!

These sample layouts give you an idea of what your ad could look like after it's published. Depending on placement, the ad might display without an image. Don’t worry, only one ad will show at a time.

A screenshot of some common placements for web retargeting ads.

How it Works

Creating your first set of retargeting ads is a multi-step process. Here's how it works.

  • Choose your site
    Choose the connected site or landing page that you want to promote across the web.

  • Set your budget
    Choose how much you want to spend per week, starting at $7 (USD). Mailchimp never charges a markup on your ad or takes a cut of your profits.

  • Create your ad content
    Select your products. Promote your top sellers or specify up to 5 products. Then, choose product images and add short descriptions and headlines.

  • Save, preview, and submit
    Save your ads and preview how they might look on the web before you submit.

  • View report
    After some time passes, review how well your ads did, including clicks, impressions, and ROI.

Let's do it!

Now that you know the basics, it's time to prep your store for retargeting, and set up your first set of ads.
Create a Google Remarketing Ad

Or you can take a look at our additional resources to learn more about ads.

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