Billing for Google Remarketing Ads

Mailchimp's new Ad Builder helps you build, submit, and pay for a retargeting ad—all in one place. No matter what Mailchimp billing plan you're on, you can purchase an affordable Google ad. They start at $7 per week, and Mailchimp doesn't charge any extra fees.

In this article, you'll learn about the billing process for our Google remarketing ads.


  • Retargeting
    Retargeting is an advertising method that helps you reconnect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase. It positions targeted ads in front of your audience as they browse the internet.
  • Google remarketing ad
    A retargeting ad that runs on Google's Display Network, and is created and purchased through Mailchimp.
  • Ad budget
    The maximum amount of money that you want to pay to run your ad each week. Mailchimp will charge the ad budget amount once a week until you decide to end the ad. The money goes straight to Google, and we don't charge additional fees.

How Pricing Works

So, how much does a retargeting ad cost? Ads are billed per click, up to the amount of the weekly budget you set. The budget starts at $7 per week, billed once every week. Your ad will continue to run until you decide to stop it.

Retargeting works best as a long-term advertising strategy. It usually takes over a month to see significant results, so we recommend running your ad for 90 days minimum. A 90-day ad at the lowest recommended budget will cost less than $100.

Mailchimp provides ads at cost, which means you only pay what Google charges for an ad, with no extra fees. You'll never be charged more than the weekly recurring budget that you set in the Ad Builder. If you end your ad, any remaining budget will be returned to your account within 72 hours.

View Ad Receipts

To see how much you're spending on ads, check out ad statements on your Billing history page.


MonkeyRewards credits and other Mailchimp discounts can't be used for purchasing ads.

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