Create Google Remarketing Ads

Ready to create some Google remarketing ads to bring people back to your website? Use the Ad Builder to build Google Ads for your store. We'll use the Google Ad Display Network to display your products to people who visited your site. This can help you get more web traffic and conversions.

In this article, you'll learn how to create your own retargeting ad through Mailchimp.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • To make sure Google remarketing ads work as expected, verify that your e-commerce integration is up to date.
  • Google remarketing ads are available to users who connect a supported e-commerce store or website. To find out if your store supports this feature, visit the Connected Sites page.
  • Be sure to disable ad blockers in your web browser to make sure Mailchimp's Ad Builder runs smoothly.
  • Mailchimp's retargeting ads have a unique billing system. You'll set your weekly budget and purchase your ad, which will continue to run until you decide to cancel it.
  • Google’s responsive ads can show up in different formats. Depending on placement, your ad might display without an image.
  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with Google's personalized advertising policies before you begin. Google takes these issues very seriously, and can shut down your ability to post to their network if your content is found in violation
  • If your ad doesn't fit Google ad requirements, Google can reject your ad.

Start Making Your Ad

To get started with your web retargeting ad, you'll choose which store you want to promote, and set your ad budget.

To define your audience and budget, follow these steps.

  1. Open Google remarketing ads
  2. Type a name for your retargeting ad and use the drop-down menu to choose the connected store you want to promote.
  3. Click Begin to enter the ad builder.
  4. In the pop-up modal, click to accept the terms and conditions.
  5. In the Budget step, click Edit Budget to review your weekly budget.

    The default budget is $21 per week, but you can go as low as $7 per week.
  6. Use the Amount field to set your weekly budget.

    You'll be billed this amount once per week until you end the ad.
  7. Click Save.

Next, you'll navigate to the Content step to start designing your ad.

Create Your Content

In the Content step of the Ad Builder, you can configure your ad to feature your store's 5 top selling products, or up to 5 products of your choice. After someone visits your store, we'll retarget them on other sites by featuring the items you choose.

In this tutorial, we'll focus on top sellers, since those usually perform best, but you can also click Create Your Own to start from scratch.
To design your retargeting ads, follow these steps.

  1. In the Content step, click Use Top Sellers. We'll automatically fill in your store's 5 best-selling products.
    a screenshot of the Ad Group step of the ad builder
  2. Click Edit Ad to review or edit the images and text for each of your retargeting ads. The file size limit for images is 1MB.
    A screenshot of the ad editing process, showing 5 top sellers from a connected Shopify store.
  3. In the fields provided, review or edit your first ad's short headline, long headline, and message. The headline is the first line of your ad. The short headline will appear in small ad spaces, and the long headline will appear in larger ads.

    Be sure to avoid commonly rejected text like all caps, too many exclamation points, and curse words.
    A screenshot of customizable fields in Ad Number 1

  4. Click the next ad in the group, and repeat steps 3-5 until all ads are customized.
  5. Click Save & Preview.
    A pointer clicks the Save and Preview button.

Preview Your Ads

After you choose text and images for your ad, check out your ad preview. Preview mode shows examples of what your ad could look like in few common placements. After it's published, your ad will show in a lot more places and layouts.

To preview your ads, follow these steps.

  1. Click View more sizes to enter preview mode.
  2. Click each of your products to see your previews.
    A screenshot of Preview Mode in the Ad builder, which shows a few different configurations of each product ad.
    These previews show what your ads might look like on the web when they're published, but they typically won't appear multiple times on a single page.
  3. Click X to return to your ad, and use the Ad Builder to make additional changes.

When you're done, return to the preview mode for a final review.

Submit Your Ad

After your content is designed and and reviewed, it's time to submit!

To submit your ad, follow these steps.

  1. Confirm or enter your billing information in the sidebar, and enter your CVV.
  2. Click Submit Ads.
    A screenshot of the submit ad button
  3. In the pop-up modal, click Confirm.

You're done! We'll send your ad to Google for review. After they confirm it meets the ad network's Terms of Use, we'll start building your retargeting audience. Building your audience may take some time since Google requires a minimum audience of about 150 people. Your ad will run on Google's Ad Display network until you decide to end it.

Additional Resources

Now that your ad is set to go, read about what happens after submission, and what you can expect to see in your report and your weekly bill.

After Google Remarketing Ad Submission

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Google Remarketing Ad Reports

Billing For Google Remarketing Ads

End an Ad

To permanently stop an ad from running, you can cancel it. After your ad is canceled, please allow us 72 hours to send you an ad credit for any remaining unspent budget.

To cancel an ad, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page.
  2. Click the drop-down menu next to the ad you want to work with, and choose End.
  3. In the pop-up modal, type END CAMPAIGN to confirm, and click End Campaign.

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