Limits on Bulk Actions

Each time you send an email in Mailchimp, we place a temporary hold on certain bulk actions for your list. This provides enough time for recipients to interact with your campaign, and for us to accurately track their engagement.

In this article, you'll learn about limitations on bulk actions, along with some alternative ways to make changes to your list.

About the Bulk Actions Limit

We track engagement for every email campaign, and most activity takes place in the first week after a send. We need your list to remain intact during this period, while we gather valuable reporting data for you.

This means we’ll restrict the following actions on a list for seven days after any send.

If your active automations send one or more emails each week, you’ll need to temporarily pause them to access all of the bulk actions for a list. This may include automated emails triggered by list signups, birthdays, purchases, RSS activity, or other frequent events.

Alternative Actions

If you don’t want to pause your automations or wait seven days to make changes to your list, you may want to try one of these alternatives.

  • Copy contacts
    If you need to move contacts from one list to another, you could copy them instead. We typically advise against storing duplicate contacts across multiple lists, because it can increase your monthly bill, but we know that it's necessary in some cases. After you copy your contacts, you may want to delete them from the original list to prevent billing changes.
  • Delete specific contacts
    Even though you can’t delete your list after a send, you can still delete individual contacts. To learn about the different ways to delete contacts from your list, read Delete Contacts.

Remember that many list actions are permanent, and can't be undone. Review our requirements and best practices and back up your lists before you make any major changes.

Troubleshooting Bulk Actions

I waited seven days, but bulk actions are still limited.

There may still be an active campaign associated with the list, such as a sending automation. To resolve this issue, navigate to the Campaigns page, and pause or unpublish any active automations for your list. After seven days without a send, bulk actions should return.

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