Limits on Bulk Actions

MailChimp offers several ways to make bulk changes to your list—combine, move, and delete lists or subscribers. But if you try to perform these actions after a recent send, you may see a bulk operation error.
Screenshot of Bulk Operation Error

For seven days after you send any campaign, automation email, or RSS campaign, we place a temporary hold on bulk list actions. Bulk actions will return on the eighth day after the last campaign or email was sent to the list.

In this article, you'll learn why bulk list actions aren't available after recent sends, along with other options to try if you are not able to pause sending.

About the Bulk Actions Limit

After you send to a list, we place a hold on bulk actions. The following actions are unavailable until seven days after the last send.

Most campaign activity takes place in the first week. Since MailChimp tracks subscriber activity for every sent campaign, automation email, and RSS campaign, we require that the list stay intact for seven days after the send. This provides enough time to gather valuable reporting data about your subscribers. It's also a good list management practice to give subscribers at least a week to engage with your campaign.

After seven full days pass without any sends to the list, the error will disappear and you'll be able to perform bulk actions.

Alternative Actions

We are unable to remove the bulk action limit, but you may find one of these workarounds helpful if you can't wait seven days.

  • Move certain subscribers
    To move a few subscribers from one list to another, export a segment of subscribers you want to move, and manually import them into your other list. Or, copy subscribersto the other list.
  • Combine entire lists
    To combine one full list into another, export the entire list you want to move, and add the CSV file of subscribers into your other list via import.
  • Delete a list
    To remove all subscribers from your list, bulk unsubscribe them. After seven days without a send, delete the list.

Troubleshooting Bulk Actions

I waited seven days, and I still can't bulk delete, combine, or move subscribers.

There may still be an active automation or RSS campaign associated with the list. Bulk move, combine, and delete actions are temporarily disabled for seven days after any type of campaign or automated email is sent.

To resolve this issue, navigate to the Campaigns page, and pause any active automations for your list. Next, pause any active RSS campaigns for your list. After seven days without a send, bulk actions should return. If you don't have seven days to wait, try one of these workarounds.

Why can't I delete everyone who isn't in the segment I just sent to?

If a campaign or automated email has been sent to any part of a list, bulk list actions are put on hold for the whole list for seven days after the send to track engagement.

To unlock bulk actions, pause sending on all campaigns, automation emails, and RSS campaigns and wait seven days. For time-sensitive situations, try one of these workarounds.

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