Reconfirm Addresses to Resolve a Compliance Issue

If you receive a compliance alert for an audience, you may need to export and remove certain email addresses.

In this article, you'll learn how to export and remove non-compliant addresses from your audience.

Before You Start

  • Mailchimp tracks hard bounces, abuse complaints, and unsubscribe rates for every campaign each user sends. If you've received an alert from our Compliance Team to remove some addresses from your audience, it's because our system detected one of these rates that was above an industry threshold for bulk email sending.
  • We've disabled sending to this audience to prevent any additional negative campaign activity that could impact Mailchimp's ability to deliver emails.
  • Only the non-compliant audience is affected. You can still send campaigns to compliant audiences in your account, create new audiences and signup forms, and view and manage new contacts.
  • After you complete this process, we'll re-enable sending to your audience.

Export and Remove Addresses

To export and remove addresses from your audiences, follow these steps.

  1. From the compliance alert, click Export And Remove Addresses.
    Curser clicks Export And Remove Addresses button.
  2. Click export these addresses to export a CSV file of the non-compliant addresses.
  3. Click Remove Addresses.
  4. In the Are you sure? pop-up modal, click Confirm.
    Cursor clicks confirm in are you sure? modal.

When we're done removing the addresses from your audience, we'll send an email to the Primary Account Contact. Use your exported CSV file to reconfirm the addresses that have been removed.

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