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Email Campaign Delivery

We know how to deliver email

Mailchimp has an advanced delivery infrastructure and a smart delivery team. We’ll get your email where it needs to go so you can focus on running your business.

Mailchimp sends 6 billion emails a week.

And we make sure they get into your subscribers’ inboxes.

Email Delivery

Email authentication built in

Authentication helps email servers and ISPs filter out spam from legitimate email campaigns. It makes your emails look trustworthy, which helps get them reach inboxes. That's why we automatically add 3 types of authentication to every email you send for free: DKIM, SenderID, and SPF.

24/7 abuse monitoring to protect your account

Our abuse-detection technology keeps our system clean by gathering information from billions of emails and predicting bad behavior in campaigns before they even get out the door. This technology is always at work in the background, analyzing emails, processing new data, and preventing abuse on a massive scale.

We’ll handle the technical stuff, you’ll get more opens and clicks

Mailchimp makes it easy for you to send your email without worrying about any of the technical details. Sure, we offer built-in domain authentication, bounce management, reports from Internet Service Provider feedback loops and allowlists, and hundreds of IP addresses across multiple data centers, but all you need to remember is that we’ll help more of your email reach inboxes, which means you’ll see higher open rates and more click-throughs.

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How to avoid spam filters

We estimate that spam filters block 10-20% of email from subscribers’ inboxes. Our guide will help you understand how spam filters work and highlight some of the steps you can take to ensure your email doesn’t get flagged.


  • To improve email deliverability rates, try out the following steps:

    • Authenticate emails: Email authentication makes your emails appear trustworthy in the eyes of ISPs and email servers.
    • Optimize the subscription process: You want your email list to be engaged with your content. If they mark your email as spam, this can hurt your email deliverability rate, so make sure you’re careful about how you design the opt-in process.
    • Use automatic email delivery software: With email deliverability software like Mailchimp, all of the technical aspects of delivering emails are taken care of for you. Our email delivery platform provides built-in email authentication, around-the-clock abuse monitoring, and a host of other features that help optimize your email deliverability rate.
  • As a business owner or marketer, you hope that every marketing email you send out reaches customers’ inboxes. So, ideally, companies aim to achieve a 100% email deliverability rate—however, this isn’t always possible. Things happen, and a certain phrase or technical error can lead to emails getting sent to a spam folder, which lowers a company’s overall email deliverability rate.

    Nevertheless, many companies consider a 95% email deliverability rate to be successful. This allows a small margin of error but still ensures that the vast majority of emails end up in customers’ inboxes. To maximize your email deliverability rate, check out Mailchimp’s email deliverability software. With 6 billion emails sent every week, Mailchimp’s email delivery software is a tried and true solution for getting emails where they need to go.

  • Email deliverability is a measure of how often your emails reach subscribers’ inboxes. A high email deliverability rate means that your company is successfully delivering marketing emails to subscribers’ inboxes. On the other hand, a low email deliverability rate means that marketing emails aren’t reaching inboxes, as they may be getting filtered as spam.

    Of course, all companies want their email to make it to their subscribers. When emails don’t get delivered to subscribers’ inboxes, your company misses out on an opportunity to engage and customers may miss out on promotions, offers, and other marketing materials. On top of that, running email marketing campaigns with low email deliverability rates can be a big waste of time and money for your company.

  • There are a variety of ways to improve email deliverability. First of all, make sure you build an email list of customers who have consented to receive communications from your company. Sending promotional materials to emails that haven’t opted-in to your email list can negatively impact your email deliverability rate.

    Additionally, be careful with the content you deliver in your marketing emails. Create high-quality emails that are personalized for each recipient. One of the easiest ways to create high-quality email marketing campaigns and improve your email deliverability rate is to use an email delivery platform like Mailchimp.

We help your emails reach more inboxes

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