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Use Facebook content in your Mailchimp campaigns - use posts, videos, events & photo albums to produce a beautiful newsletter.

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Chimp Commander Need content for your next email newsletter? Want to take some of that great social content you've created and send it to your email lists? Use Chimp Commander to automatically create a beautiful Mailchimp newsletter filled with your best Facebook posts, events, pictures and videos.

Social Content Blocks Chimp Commander's drag-and-drop builder uses social blocks to produce a beautiful, ready-to-go email newsletter. Start by entering a Facebook page ID and we'll automatically pull all the page's social content. Select the content you'd like to use, click Import and Chimp Commander will automatically create the newsletter for you. Save the campaign directly to your Mailchimp account, or even schedule it immediately right from Chimp Commander. You can also export the raw HTML if you want to use or modify it in other ways.

Below are the supported Facebook posts types:

  • Timeline Posts
  • Text Updates
  • Link Posts
  • Image Posts
  • Video Posts
  • Events
  • Photo Albums

Additionally, you can mix in other non-Facebook content using the following design blocks:

  • Header
  • Text
  • Raw HTML
  • Images
  • Dividers
  • Buttons
  • Mailchimp footer (with standard Mailchimp footer merge tags)

How does it work? Just a few easy steps. Enter your Facebook page ID(s)

  1. You can filter by type of post (videos)
  2. The number of posts to return
  3. Filter returning posts that only contain certain text or hashtag.

Select the posts you'd like to use in your email newsletter. Click Import.

An email newsletter is automatically created for you.

Continue to add additional posts or drag other content blocks to customize your newsletter.

Save, Schedule, Send to a Mailchimp Newsletter or Export the Raw HTML

Once you're happy, simply save or export it. If you've connected your Mailchimp account, you can automatically save it to your Mailchimp library, or even schedule or send it directly from Chimp Commander.

More Features

  • Fully Responsive. Chimp Commander produces a newletter will look great on desktop, mobile, and all email clients.

  • Automation. Produce newsletters faster by cloning them and even use our new automation feature to automatically produce your social newsletters on a schedule!

  • Support for all Mailchimp merge tags

  • Analytics and campaign tracking

  • Built-in Preview. Send test emails, or get screenshots on desktop and mobile to see how it'll look before sending

  • Fully-editable. You can use our built-in email block editor, or save to Mailchimp or any HTML editor and customize it using your favorite tools.

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