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Drupal Commerce

Increase your revenue potential by connecting Drupal Commerce and Mailchimp.

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Drupal Commerce combines commerce and content to create ecommerce stores with a flexible and easy to use structure in Drupal's open source platform. This free customizable content-management framework is configurable and modular to fit your business needs. With several accessibility and multilingual capabilities, you can provide a tailored user experience for your potential customers.

Sell more with powerful automations

Connect your Drupal Commerce store to Mailchimp to automatically send email campaigns that welcome new customers, collect feedback after a purchase, or re-engage past customers.

Increase traffic to your site and drive repeat purchases

Mailchimp tools not only help you increase traffic to your site but with our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features you can start building stronger relationships with your customers with content that means something to them.

Mailchimp lets you seamlessly launch campaigns across multiple channels and reach your customers in the right place at the right time.

Benefits of connecting Drupal Commerce

Track customers from signup to purchase

Review our detailed revenue, engagement, and growth reports after every campaign to find out who opened your email, which items they bought, and how much money you’ve earned. In just a few clicks, you’ll get the insights you need to determine what’s working so you can make smart decisions and improve your marketing in the future.

Sell more stuff with personalization

Generate personalized suggestions based on the purchase history of your customers with built-in product recommendations. Then, use abandoned cart emails to automatically follow up with people who leave your store without completing their purchase. The purchase likelihood tool looks at patterns in return customer behavior and can help you understand their likelihood of purchasing again. Focusing your efforts on higher conversion customers can help you best optimize your marketing efforts and budgets.

Communicate with your customers at exactly the right time

Use key automations to keep the communication ongoing with your customers. Once these emails are set up, they will automatically deploy based on your criteria. And with the Customer Journey Builder tool, you can automate your customer’s journey to deliver relevant content based on behaviors and interactions.

Drupal Commerce

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