Mailchimp for Miva

When you connect your Miva store to Mailchimp, you increase the power of both.
Miva, Inc.

Sell more stuff with powerful automations Our marketing automation tools help you personalize your marketing and send your customers the right message at the right time. Send helpful product follow-ups, collect feedback after a purchase, re-engage lapsed customers, and more.

Suggest items your customers will love Generate personalized suggestions based on the purchase history of your customers—and make 31% more revenue on your campaigns—with our built-in product recommendations.

Recapture lost sales Remind customers what they’ve left behind and increase email-generated revenue by 12% with abandoned cart automations that automatically follow up with people whose path to purchase was interrupted.

Find similar people, grow your audience Use your customer data to build Facebook and Instagram ads that promote your business and expand your reach. And with easily digestible reports that track important metrics like engagement and impressions, you’ll always know how your ad is performing.

Convert website visitors into subscribers Create mobile-friendly pop-up forms for your website and watch your list growth rate increase by an average of 60%. Adjust the design, timing, and placement of the form, then automatically publish it to your site in one click with no coding required.

Target your customers with one click Mailchimp automatically creates the most common segmenting conditions for you, so you can quickly target customers based on signup date, demographics, engagement, and purchase history.

Identify key audiences Increase the relevance of your marketing with predicted demographics, a powerful tool that predicts the gender and age range of your customers so you can target them with personalized content.

Track customers from signup to purchase Monitor your Mailchimp dashboard to get a full picture of your marketing performance. Our easily digestible engagement, growth, and revenue reports provide valuable information that will help you make smart decisions and sell more stuff.