Customer Lifetime Value & Purchase Likelihood

Boost sales with insights into how your customers buy

Our predictive analytics tools help you estimate your customers’ future buying behavior, so you can market smarter with more targeted campaigns.

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Focus on your most valuable customers

Mailchimp analyzes past purchase behavior to predict which contacts will have a high, moderate, or low customer lifetime value (CLV) in the future. We use these predictions to group your customers into pre-built segments you can reach in just a few clicks with special promotions or personalized messaging.

Bring customers back before they’re gone

We predict which customers have a high, moderate, or low likelihood of purchasing from your store again, and turn these predictions into segments you can target. Build positive relationships with your on-the-fence customers by sending them an incentive to come back.

Get predictive insights about customer value and loyalty—without hiring a data scientist.

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Create a smarter marketing plan based on intelligent predictions

Predictive analytics tools like CLV and purchase likelihood use past purchase data to forecast which buyers are likely to be your most loyal and valuable customers in the future. That way, you can think ahead and create a marketing plan based on the people who could bring the most value to your business.

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Build personalized campaigns that drive revenue

Take action right from your audience dashboard. Predicted CLV and purchase likelihood help you know which customers are driving sales, so you can instantly send personalized messages to these pre-built segments. See what else you can do from the audience dashboard

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Find new fans who look like your best customers

When you know which customers are likely to be your most valuable ones, you can make the most of your marketing budget by targeting new people just like them. Use lookalike audience finder to reach a new set of potential buyers who are more likely to make a purchase. Learn how lookalike audience finder works

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Everything e‑commerce businesses need

Increase sales and grow your business when you use tools like predictive CLV and purchase likelihood together with time-saving automations and a valuable marketing CRM—all in Mailchimp’s easy-to-use platform.

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You'll need a Standard plan and a connected store with enough data for us to make accurate predictions for you.

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