How Mailchimp Can Help Your Online Store

When you connect your store with Mailchimp, you’ll discover more ways to achieve your marketing goals and grow your business. Our e-commerce tools help you find new audiences, promote your products, boost customer loyalty, and track your sales.

In this article, you’ll learn what Mailchimp can do for your online store. After each explanation, you'll find links to reference articles and how-to guides so you can get started right away.

Things To Know

  • Our e-commerce features are available to users who connect a supported e-commerce store or custom API 3.0 integration. To view the e-commerce features supported by an integration, visit the integration's listing in your account.
  • Our e-commerce features are available to all users, and most of them are free.
    Sell More Stuff with Mailchimp

Find New Customers

If you need to attract new customers, you’re in the right place. Mailchimp makes the most of your site traffic with pop-up forms, and helps you reach a new audience with online ads.

Pop-Up Forms

These signup forms pop up on your website after a delay you set. They’re fully customizable to fit the look of your brand, and flexible enough to add important messages and promo codes.

Add a Pop-Up Form to Your Website

How the Form Builder Works


Mailchimp does more than just email. You can create Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads from your Mailchimp account at no extra cost. Set your ads to target specific contacts or go beyond your audience to reach all-new people.

Getting Started With Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns

Create a Facebook or Instagram Ad with Mailchimp

Create Google Remarketing Ads

Promote Your Products

Mailchimp has lots of tools that help you sell more stuff. Use e-commerce data from your connected site to personalize your messages, so you recommend the right products to the right customers.

Abandoned Cart

Abandoned cart messages remind customers to finish a purchase they started in your store. These messages can be sent as a single email or as a series of reminders. Try adding a discount code for extra incentive.

Create an Abandoned Cart Email

Add an Abandoned Cart Series

Product Recommendations

Use purchase history data to give your customers smart suggestions for their next purchase. Add product recommendations to any email, including abandoned cart messages and order notifications. The more data you have, the better it works: we recommend it for stores that have at least 10 products and processed at least 500 orders in the last year.

About Product Recommendations

Product Retargeting Emails

Product retargeting sends a message about the last item a customer viewed on your site, so you can follow up with users who browsed your store but didn’t make a purchase. Product retargeting promotes best-sellers and new additions to your store.

Create a Product Retargeting Email

Order notifications

These emails are triggered by order activity in your store and give your customers important updates about their purchase. Customize receipts, invoices, shipping confirmations, and other messages to fit your style. Level up by adding product recommendations your customers will love.

Create Order Notifications

Boost Customer Loyalty

As you connect with more people and your business grows, Mailchimp can help keep your customers coming back. Create segments and send purchase-based automations to reach your target audiences, and use data and testing to find out what’s working.

Triggered Emails

These emails respond to your customer’s purchase activity, automatically. Set up automations to follow up after purchases, recommend related products, or reward buyers with a discount. Automation communicates with your customers, so you can focus on other things.

Automation Types

Add an Automation

Customer Segments

Segments are custom audiences based on purchases, demographics, and other shared data. Create your own, or choose one of our pre-built segments to quickly target first-time buyers, top customers, or people who haven’t made a purchase lately.

Segment by Purchase Activity

A/B and Multivariate Testing

A/B testing sends two different versions of the same campaign so you can see how small changes affect how much revenue your emails generate. With Mailchimp Pro’s Multivariate campaigns, you can test up to eight different versions of a single message.

Create an A/B Testing Campaign

Create a Multivariate Campaign

Track Your Sales

As you integrate more tools into your marketing plan, we’ll keep track of your return on investment (ROI), so you can figure out what’s working. You probably don’t have time to dig through the data, so we do it for you in your reports and dashboards.

E-Commerce Reports

Mailchimp’s e-commerce reports detail your store’s purchase activity and order history. See which items your customers buy, and how much revenue each campaign has created. Then, use this data to create even more specific segments and more effective marketing.


Each time you log in to Mailchimp, your dashboard gives you an an overview of your e-commerce performance. This includes account trends, revenue tracking, and audience engagement. We even include tips and feature suggestions to improve your marketing plan.

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