Mailchimp Integration for Vtiger

Bidirectionally connect Vtiger CRM and Mailchimp. No need to juggle between applications to get your things done.

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Vtiger Mailchimp Integration is an extension to connect your Vtiger CRM with Mailchimp. You can sync Mailchimp Campaigns, Lists, Groups and Groupings to Vtiger CRM Campaigns, Leads, Contacts and Accounts module.

A detailed list of what is possible,

  • Secure bidirectional sync with Mailchimp API version 3.
  • Schedule once and never again, automatically sync the data at regular frequency without manual intervention.
  • Intelligent field mapping to automap Mailchimp fields with their coressponding Vtiger CRM fields.
  • Automatically remove deleted Mailchimp Campaign or Unsubscribe list from CRM and keep the data clean.
  • Manage Groups and Groupings inside Vtiger CRM.
  • Complete view of Mailchimp List & Campaign report graph, advice, preview, etc,., inside Vtiger CRM can help you to compare and take smart decisions.
  • Audit record sync with detailed Subscriber, List and Campaign sync information in log module.

Vtiger Mailchimp Integration is bundled with lot more features and enhancements. To know more, visit our Vtiger Mailchimp Integration page.

Vtiger Mailchimp Integration saves you a lot of time and automates lot of mundane process. No need of export and import of records anymore.

Additional Information:

  • Supports Vtiger CRM versions 6.0 to 6.5
  • Mailchimp API version 3.
  • Guaranteed Lifetime upgrades and Lifetime support.
  • Demo : Try Now

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Mailchimp Integration for Vtiger

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